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Out of this world! Galaxy Print Trend!

I absolutely love astronomy and laying on top of the car and finding constellations, reason why I actually enjoy living in the city lights or street lights to hide the stars. So quite naturally, when the galaxy print became popular in 2011, I was ecstatic! It's fun and bold, prints can be in rainbow, solid colors or even actual satellite pictures of outer space. What more can you ask for in a print? This has been one of my funner posts! Galaxy or cosmic prints can be bought or they can be a fun DIY for you and your friends-which, to me is the best thing since tie-dye.DIY on your own nails, hair ribbons, tops, bottoms or even shoes. You can even add some pop to your makeup with galaxy eyes or lips!
Big Cartel--backstage: type 1, $60 ;type 2, $70
Etsy--SewOeno, $42
Etsy-- Morgansdisguise, $69
Etsy-Morgansdisguise, $79
Etsy--MorgansDisguise, $69

blackmilkclothing, $190


DIY videos

Sunshine lions.

Today marks the first day of Leo season which means my 19th birthday is in less than a month. I honestly believe I am the most crazed over my zodiac sign. I just think we're the craziest, loudest and cutest people on the planet. Honestly, think of a few of Leo's you know, yes you know them. How do you know them? Because we like to broadcast that you are in the presence of a leo.

Our color is yellow and our sign is represented by the sun and Leo the Lion. By the way Leo means lion in Greek (love it!). We can be dominate and like to take control. Our confidence, often mistaken for cockiness. Be good to us and we will rock your world. In honor of Leo season I put together my perfect Leo outfit. Enjoy <3

Couture Fall 2012

I was very impressed with the runway shows for Couture Fall 2012 some more than others, here are my favorites!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Ulyana Sergeenko
Giambattista Valli

Resort & sorts

Resort 2013

This is my first look at a resort fashion show. I was amazed, I'm generally new to fashion shows and reviews, but wow. I didn't know where to start so I viewed every designer.. why am i always taking the long way around? Firstly, the one collection I found that I would RACK every single design was that of Peter Pilotto. I honestly believe I've found my favorite designer. Along with those collections, I enjoyed Dsquared², Temperley London, Vivienne Tam, Jason Wu, Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler, and See by Chloe. Below are some of my favorites from the Peter Pilotto Resort 2013. The kaleidoscope inspired collection is unlike anything i've seen before. The hues of red, blue and purple collided into one are what makes this my favorite.  Nude pumps and nude patent wedges would definitely be my shoe of choice with the collection. This is risky,  fun and very me.

Tardy Party. . .

So maybe there's quite a few of you like me that were tardy to the Pantone 2012 Fall color party? No.. just me? Nonetheless, have no fear. HauteDare is here! No actually, I wanted some new material for my collages  when I realized I wasn't in the know about the latest color report. I'm actually excited now guys! Check out these pictures from Pantone's Fashion Report Fall 2012.

I'm absolutely inlove with the report. These colors are bright and full of life, but not too "poppy". It's almost impossible to not completely own the streets mixing a few of these colors into one haute fusion outfit. These colors can take you from simple and chic to the boldness you want with the same color scheme! It's up to you. At a first glance, I'm thinking "that's rather dull... plain" and that's the beauty of it. Simply fusing the colors or adding one color to your outfit can change the whole perception of your ensemble.
Seriously? There is honestly not one of these outfits that I wouldn't waltz around in. Ladies and gentlemen i'm in heaven. Notice the fusions here are brilliant ^_^

Pairing the bright chartreuse with the olympian blue or the tangerine tango with the ultramarine will make the perfect pop for your retro ensemble.

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