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Out of this world! Galaxy Print Trend!

I absolutely love astronomy and laying on top of the car and finding constellations, reason why I actually enjoy living in the city lights or street lights to hide the stars. So quite naturally, when the galaxy print became popular in 2011, I was ecstatic! It's fun and bold, prints can be in rainbow, solid colors or even actual satellite pictures of outer space. What more can you ask for in a print? This has been one of my funner posts! Galaxy or cosmic prints can be bought or they can be a fun DIY for you and your friends-which, to me is the best thing since tie-dye.DIY on your own nails, hair ribbons, tops, bottoms or even shoes. You can even add some pop to your makeup with galaxy eyes or lips!
Big Cartel--backstage: type 1, $60 ;type 2, $70
Etsy--SewOeno, $42
Etsy-- Morgansdisguise, $69
Etsy-Morgansdisguise, $79
Etsy--MorgansDisguise, $69

blackmilkclothing, $190


DIY videos

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