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Tardy Party. . .

So maybe there's quite a few of you like me that were tardy to the Pantone 2012 Fall color party? No.. just me? Nonetheless, have no fear. HauteDare is here! No actually, I wanted some new material for my collages  when I realized I wasn't in the know about the latest color report. I'm actually excited now guys! Check out these pictures from Pantone's Fashion Report Fall 2012.

I'm absolutely inlove with the report. These colors are bright and full of life, but not too "poppy". It's almost impossible to not completely own the streets mixing a few of these colors into one haute fusion outfit. These colors can take you from simple and chic to the boldness you want with the same color scheme! It's up to you. At a first glance, I'm thinking "that's rather dull... plain" and that's the beauty of it. Simply fusing the colors or adding one color to your outfit can change the whole perception of your ensemble.
Seriously? There is honestly not one of these outfits that I wouldn't waltz around in. Ladies and gentlemen i'm in heaven. Notice the fusions here are brilliant ^_^

Pairing the bright chartreuse with the olympian blue or the tangerine tango with the ultramarine will make the perfect pop for your retro ensemble.

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