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Ahh, heel-LESS wedges?

Fashionistas all over the world are trading in their heels, for wedges--wedges without heels of course! Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale, Nicki Minaj, and Victoria Beckham had all been spotted sporting these wacky wedges in 2011. The wedges are taking fashion America by storm as more and more designers are producing these haute shoe candies in all colors and designs. Are you ready to take your next step without a heel?

*My favorite heel-less wedges for LESS*

Find some of the best heel-less wedges for less at Go Jane and UrbanOG ! 

Ouch, shoe candy with damage!

Fruitopia Madness!

Looking for a natural skin treatment without spending dollars on top of dollars?

One day, I'm in walmart in the cosmetics section and I decided to browse through the skin products. I could literally point at every product and say I've used it before. How many of those products do I still use to this day? Very few. Basically, a lot of money has been wasted throughout the years over products that just don't work. I have very dry, sensitive skin so a lot of products are far too harsh for my poor skin.

If any of you know at least one thing about me, It's that I love strawberries! Strawberry scents, clothes, shampoos..etc. The only flavor anything, that I consume is strawberry. I'm obsessed!!! However, it doesn't stop at just strawberries, I love all fruits. Like if I could get away with living off of fruits i definitely would! (with an exception of cherries). Below are a few remedies that are fun and easy to make!

Strawberry facial scrub:
Mix 1 large strawberry in with 2/3 cup of sugar. Add 1tbsp of olive oil.

For a fruit scrub:
Pick any of your favorite fruit and de-juice. Mix 2 tbsp. of honey and 1/4 cup of white sugar together. Once the two are mixed well add in your juice and mix until your scrub is nice and thick then apply :)

Fruit Facial
Mix 1/4 cup of your favorite fruit with 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp oil and 1 egg

Here are a few other unique ideas you should try at least once!
Honey + Olive Oil for a skin moisturizer
Un-Petroleum jelly + raw sugar for lip scrub
Rosewater + coconut milk for a relaxing bath
Honey + brown sugar for a body scrub
Egg Yolks + Lemon Juice for anti-redness

Below is a DIY moisture mask is one of my favorite youtubers using watermelon, avocado, and a banana.

camouflage & lipgloss .

Happy Monday guys. I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was hot and army filled. I worked on hmmwv's and worked on signal equipment. My birthday is officially in 13 days. I'm not usually a birthday person but this year I feel like I should do something to acknowledge it. Last year from June-December I was in training for the Army so I couldn't celebrate my birthday at all. However I'm not on active duty status-I'm enlisted in the National Guard so depending on the monthly schedule, I attend drill at my unit from 2-5 days a month, as well as two weeks in the Summer. I do actually love it, the uniform, my battles in my unit, being a member of a team and just the Army lifestyle itself; but at the same time I enjoy being an individual, wearing makeup and dressing the way I want. Being myself and allowing my personality to shine through my appearance is very important to me. I believe my purpose in life is to inspire others and provide them with the self-confidence and beautiful appearance we all have. So being in the National Guard suits me perfectly because I get the best of both worlds.
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