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Happy Monday guys. I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was hot and army filled. I worked on hmmwv's and worked on signal equipment. My birthday is officially in 13 days. I'm not usually a birthday person but this year I feel like I should do something to acknowledge it. Last year from June-December I was in training for the Army so I couldn't celebrate my birthday at all. However I'm not on active duty status-I'm enlisted in the National Guard so depending on the monthly schedule, I attend drill at my unit from 2-5 days a month, as well as two weeks in the Summer. I do actually love it, the uniform, my battles in my unit, being a member of a team and just the Army lifestyle itself; but at the same time I enjoy being an individual, wearing makeup and dressing the way I want. Being myself and allowing my personality to shine through my appearance is very important to me. I believe my purpose in life is to inspire others and provide them with the self-confidence and beautiful appearance we all have. So being in the National Guard suits me perfectly because I get the best of both worlds.

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