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Ombre in 2012

Hello beauties! in 2011, we saw TONS of celebrities with ombre or gradient hair. Ombre has returned and is taking 2012 by a storm. You can find ombre trend in fashion, homes and beauty trends such as nails, lipwear, eyeshadows! 2012 brought about pastels which can be seen an ombre-style of dip-dyed hair! Ombre is a great way to add colors to your look without overdoing (as seen with colorblocking!).

One of my favorite guru's demonstrating a How-To for Ombre Lips.


A How-To for easy ONE step ombre nails <3


Tutorial on dip-dyed hair :)

I think Ombre is another one of those fun DIY projects like galaxy print or tye-dye. View my post on galaxy print here. Hope you beauties enjoyed my post. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think :)

E.L.F. Review

Picture of what ELF products, i haven't thrown away :)
Quality for a low price..that seems to be what we're all after. I often get asked how i feel about elf cosmetics.   I believe that you get what you pay for. For the $1-$5 prices of most single items, it's excellent quality. In my opinion, you just have to know what to buy. When I shop at ELF I check out some of the reviews. I wrote this post just to give you guys my take and reviews on the products because I never get to read full on reviews of everything, just certain products in general and i find those not very helpful.

Eyeshadows- require a lot of packing and a white eye primer
Cream Shadows- blend easily but also crease easily too so you'll need a matte primer
Liquid eyeliners- great for the price and one of my favorite products.
Pigment eyeshadows- not easy to apply with the brush provided, not true to color
Eyelid primer- I recommend buying the Essential Eyelid Primer in Pearl simply because I feel that the browns and sheer really absorb the shadows instead of making them expand. Also when using the brown eyelid primer, I always make very sure that I rub it in perfectly because the primer will crease itself.
Mascaras- very difficult to remove and will dry out easily
Lashes- i have a lot of problems applying these. The lashes are great but the glue is definitely not.

Lipsticks- When buying lipsticks from elf, i'd say to avoid buying the essentials and minerals, go for the studio. Those lines make me feel as though i'm wearing some sort of stained chapstick and they get kind of messy!
Lipgloss-All elf lipglosses are sticky to me..i'm a sticky girl. I love shine so i'm actually infatuated with the hypershine gloseses. The essential super glossy lip shine tastes disgusting to me and their texture is just weird feeling on my lips and the gloss doesn't slide on like I'd like.
Lip Stain- I recommend using these as liners because using them as a stain definitely makes my lips feel awkward. However, they are true to color.

Face primer- do not buy, the product is too thick for the pump and 9/10x will not come out.
Zit zapper- I don't have acne and I rarely get zits but when I do this stuff comes in handy. I mean it's no miracle formula so of course my zit doesn't disappear before my eyes before for $1 it's damn good.
Tinted moisturizer- It's exactly what it says. I recommend going to the nearest Target and buying it in person because the online colors are not truly shown. The product is light and it's a MOISTURIZER WITH COLOR. A lot of the reviews are from users expecting foundation won't get it with this product.

Where have I been?

Okay so as most of you know I live in Louisiana and recently my state was threatened by Hurricane Isaac. I'm enlisted in the national guard so i was activated and sent down for hurricane relief for a few weeks. Even though this hurricane was not as bad as expected, many cities were still greatly affected and a lot of people lost their homes and belongings. While I was gone there wasn't very much access for me to do blog posts but I am home now, in great condition and definitely ready to continue updating you guys :)

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