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Ombre in 2012

Hello beauties! in 2011, we saw TONS of celebrities with ombre or gradient hair. Ombre has returned and is taking 2012 by a storm. You can find ombre trend in fashion, homes and beauty trends such as nails, lipwear, eyeshadows! 2012 brought about pastels which can be seen an ombre-style of dip-dyed hair! Ombre is a great way to add colors to your look without overdoing (as seen with colorblocking!).

One of my favorite guru's demonstrating a How-To for Ombre Lips.


A How-To for easy ONE step ombre nails <3


Tutorial on dip-dyed hair :)

I think Ombre is another one of those fun DIY projects like galaxy print or tye-dye. View my post on galaxy print here. Hope you beauties enjoyed my post. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think :)

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