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Fall Must-Haves (Face Edition)

Fall for me means sweaters, hot chocolate, new boots and the not-so-good: DRY skin and lips. I have dry skin, not just any dry skin but DRY skin and an oily nose. I've wasted so much money on products that dry my skin out even more, cause acne, redness, and burning. As a child I developed a rash on my face that never just went away. In school, my rash + dry skin was a perfect setup for teasing. So I've been trying out products since the 5TH GRADE.

Enough my skincare routine consists of different products but not too many products. 

1. Once or twice a week I use Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling to remove dead and dry skin cells. The product is very light, not harsh at all and derived from natural minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. It's also not tested on animals. 

2. A few mornings of every week, I'll use Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser. This product is also not harsh at all. I love this product because it's often hard for me to wake up in the morning and just got of that groggy feeling even when I wash my face, but this cleanser really wakes me up and gives me that bright effect which makes me look I've actually slept!

3. Most nights before bed, I moisturize using either, Proactiv's Green Tea Moisturizer or Clean & Clear's Night Soft Oil-Free moisturizer. The Clean & Clear has been discontinued but is still available online. It's good to apply moisturizer a little before bed so it gives the moisturizer time to soak in while your skin is renewing it's cells during your rest cycle.

4. When I apply lipstick, especially matte's I make sure I apply MAC's Lip Conditioner before I apply the actual lipstick. It makes my lips feel rejuvenated and also helps the lipstick glide on smoother. My favorite lipstick to use in the Winter is ELF's Hypershine Gloss. It's a conditioning stain/gloss that glides on easily and sheer. The hypershine gloss was also awarded Allure's Best Beauty product. 

5. This next product isn't face-related but I feel like it should be a Fall/Winter essential. It is the Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Line. It includes the Fortifying Conditioner, Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray, and Fortifying Shampoo. The line helps treat your Fall damaged hair. During the transistion from Summer to Fall my hair breaks and falls out a little but this line really helped me out. My hair is shiny and silky as ever!

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