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What's on my tube ?

If you were to look at my photos or my e-outfits over a time span of a month, you'd see a TON of different makeup looks ranging from neutrals, smokeys, and bright colors. I get my inspriration from a wide range of different celebrities, icons and media socialites. One day you might find me wearing a neautral eye with a cozy sweater,skinny jeans and the perfect riding boots when the next day I could be wearing my bold colorful eyeshadow, bright screen tee and faux leather jacket with my neon bodycon and black bootie-pumps. You just never know what you're going to see out of me. I decided to make a list of my most-watched youtube fashion/beauty gurus. Some listed, I might not love them as a person, their filming styles or the overall realness but I love watching them and getting inspiration. From them, I get DIY'S, new makeup ideas, new products to buy and also outfit of the day's. You just never know what outfits or makeup ideas you'll see that you had no idea would even look great together!

Caution==> a wide range of cultures and styles will be listed lol (in no particular order)

2. NitraaB

10. Saaammage

I'd love for you guys to check them out and subscribe, simply because I think they are amazing <3

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