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My Week, Cosmetic Glitters/Gem Review, Mini Tutorial!

          A week of camo & glitter!

After a week of doing a bit of Army work, I had to rush home to prepare for my cousin's 5yr old fairy birthday party that I helped plan and I had to do all of the party guests' makeup. Before the party I went out looking for glitters, gems, rhinestones and pigments,specifically for the birthday girl. I went to hobby lobby and picked up what stackable glitters they had left as well and a bag of multicolored acrylics gems. Then I went over to sally's to get lash glue, disposable eyeshadow, mascara, and lip brushes and I saw the worker was restocking all the 99cent makeup items. Now I'm a sucker for small cute things so when I saw the Sparkle Girl loose glitters I got excited so I picked up a few colors and got the glitter glue to go with it. I was like if I didn't turn out right, only $3 would've been wasted.

The Sally's glitters are really bright and most of the colors have a neon green undertone. They aren't very consistent though and they take alot of packing. Instead of making her waterline look lined it looked more as though I just put pieces of glitter here and there. There was also TONS of fall out. I decided it might have been the lash glue that was destroying it so I went with the Glitter Glue that was made for it and that was worse so I ended up taking most of it off. The acrylic gems i picked up were perfect and had all the colors I needed for about $4 I believe, I applied them with lash glue and they stayed on perfectly. I absolutely love the stackable glitters, I applied lash glue and then the glitter, it was amazing with minimal fallout and WAYY better than the
Sally's glitter.

My objective for the birthday girl was to give her a beautiful fairy look without making her look like a 5yr old drag queen. Her party was Tinkerbell themed so I knew I wanted her to have purple, blue and green eyes. I knew I wanted to go all out for her but I had never worked with gems or glitter as eyeshadows. The night before I did a few practice runs and it was...chaotic. Overall, everything looked perfect and she loved it. I ended up giving out my number to a few of the moms and got an invitation to do makeup for 30 girls. I'm just happy my little fairy enjoyed her night.

Here a few of the practice photos. I ended up adding 4 gems to each eye.

Final Steps:
**I blending a lime green color into a sky-blue into a royal blue.
**I lined her upper eyelash line with purple glitter liner and her water line with the light blue Sparkle Girl glitter.
**After lightly smearing green eyeshadow around her eyes, I applied lash glue and added silver and purple gems around her eyes.
**I moisturized her face and applied maybelline foundation with  NYX cream blush and set her face using MAC.
**For her lips I used BH Cosmetics lip liner in raspberry, MAC Viva Nicki lipstick and NYC hot pink lipgloss.

Main Items Used:
Hobby Lobby Stackable Glitters

Sally's Loose Glitters

BH 120 Palette-#2

NYX Crystal Eyeliner

I hope you beauties enjoyed, Happy Holidays and Happy Readings <3


  1. Awww she looks so adorable! All that hard work payed off for sure! Great job!

    Crazy Little Thinggs

    1. Thanks so much,I'm really proud of myself!

  2. Wow shes so cute. I love the bright bold colors, awesome! I like your blog, I think it's cute. I'm your newest follower! Hopefully you will come check out my blog and follow back perhaps?

    Jen xx

    1. Thank you,I just love bold colors. Thanks for following,I've already returned the favor!


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