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15 Beauty Tips You Never Knew!

I've compiled a list of beauty tips and makeup tips that I found to be helpful.

1. In a rush? Always define your brows, highlight your eyebrows and tear ducts, bronzing powder and mascara.

2. The lighter the lipstick, the fuller your lips will look.

3. Use a sponge applicator to blend out lip liner for fuller lips.

4. Blow drying your eyelash curler allows for curlier results.

5. Storing nail polish in the refrigerator makes it last longer.

6. Plucking eyebrows after a hot shower or bath makes the experience less painful.

7. Fix Plus from MAC, intensifies your eyeshadow when applied directly to your brush beforehand.

8. Dipping your blending brush in translucent powder before use helps with blending.

9. Putting a touch of lipgloss in the middle of your top lip will make them appear fuller and bigger.

10. Store gel eyeliners upside to increase longevity.

11. Holding a small card along the inside edge of your lashes ensures no lashes bend out of the way from your mascara wand and creates a more professional look.

12. To make sure your lipstick won't bleed, dab a bit of powder on the outside of your lip line.

13. Always buff your foundation and powder onto your face rather for a more natural look.

14. Using an angled brush to fill in eyebrows is easier and more natural on your face.

15. Remember when choosing brow powder: blonde hair needs 2 shades darker and dark hair needs 2 shades lighter.

Happy Readings,

Keshia Glam

bareMinerals Brush Shampoo Review

I recently purchased a new brush shampoo from Amazon. It is the bareMinerals Well-Cared For brush conditioning shampoo. It was around $10 and it was shipped for free. bareMinerals also sells it online for $14 however it's in the bottle whereas mine is in the tube but they both hold the same amount of product. I've never used anything from the Bare Escentuals/Minerals brand so I decided to give it a shot. If you'd like to read my review on this totally affordable product, read below!

First Impression: Nice packaging, light product consistency, doesn't take much product to the job

During Use: Fast results, lathers great with average temp water, really gets deep in the brush. You can actually see all of the old makeup wash down the sink.

After Effects: It left my brushes a hell of a lot softer than before, all of the makeup was removed. Brushes dried overnight.

Overall: YES!

click below to check out the brush shampoo

Hope you beauties found my post interesting and insightful. Until next time:
Happy Readings, Keshia Glam

Simple Colorful Eye Tutorial

I decided to stray away from neutrals & icy winter colors and go for a easy fun and sparkly look. This look is really simple and easy to create. Read below on how to create the look and the products used. As usual, if you're interested in the product, click the image.

Products used:

NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil

 BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition

 BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

NYX Glitter Liner

I spread the milk pencil over my entire lid.
Began patting the pink onto the inner corner of my eye.
Pat the orange onto my lid up to the browbone.
Begi\an blending the pink and orange together.
Blended the orange into my brow bone.
For the first time, I decided to leave the milk pencil as a brow bone highlight.
Created a perfect winged line with the black eyeliner.
Then went over the black eyeliner with sparkly purple.
I like to use sparkle eyeliner over black simply because I love the way the black shines through.

I hope you beauties enjoyed my post! 
Happy Readings and stay beautiful. Keshia Glam <3

Liebster Awards!

Major thanks to Vanya @ msvchiles for nominating me for the Liebster Award. 

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The Rules :

- The nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them

- If you are nominated, write "11 Random Facts" about yourself and answer the 11 questions the awarder wrote for you. 

- Make up 11 new questions to be answered and nominate 11 other bloggers.

11 Random Facts About Me:
I'm a makeup addict 
I've done e-zines, blogs and websites since I was 6. 
I'm 4'10 and a HALF inches tall
I'm 20yrs old
I'm enlisted in the National Guard
I'm a Lesbian 
I'm very ambitious
I'm half mexican, half black
My favorite color is pink 
I only like tacos that are dorito-style 
1/4th of my hair is shaved and pink 

Questions from Vanya:

1. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one book with you, which would it be?
All of my favorite books would be useless, so I'm going to go with a wilderness survival book hehe.

2. Which fairytale is your favorite and why?
My favorite fairytale is Thumbelina. I mean it has the general love, happy ending but I learned that even though you may be small, you can still do great things.

3. What is more plausible, the existence of Bigfoot or the explanation of U.F.O.s as being intelligent alien visitors to our planet? Amazingly, UFO's.

4. If you won a shopping spree, which item or items would you get the most of?
MAKEUPPPPP oh and erm, a few staple wardrobe items.

5. What's your favorite thing to do on weekends?
Curl up with my computer.

6. What's your favorite new TV series?
I don't watch tv but bridezillas via netflix is a winner

7. If you were in a hit music band, what would it be called?
Keshia Glam?

8. Is there in truth no beauty?
There is plenty of beauty.

9. Do I amuse you?
Your questions are amusing and unexpected.

10. Would you dress up as a geisha because you like makeup or because of Mulan?
Because I love makeup.

11. What topic should I blog about next?

My Questions for you:

1. How can I improve my blog?

2. If you had to live with one mascara..forever, which one would you pick?

3. New Years Resolution?

4. Polar bears or penguins? Choose wisely *evil glare*

5. Why did you start blogging?

6. What is your favorite store?

7. What is your dream job?

8. Favorite lip combos? (liner, gloss, lipstick)

9. Which best describes your eyeshadow? Daring-Darla, Calm Callie, Neutral-Nadia

10. What is your favorite candy?

11. Cookies or cake?

The people below are all active and dedicated beauty/fashion bloggers <3
I'm nominating:

1. Jessica @ Crazy Little Thinggs
2. Ciara @ The Sleepy jellyfish
3. Bethany @ Bethy's Beauty Spot
5. Dana @ Luv Sick Beauty
6. maggie @ Momenti Fugaci
7. Mayra @ On Your Heels
8. Liberian Barbie @ Fashion-Unicorns
9. Nykkey @ NykkeyB
10. Jen @ Jen Tea
11. Victoria @ Coeur D'or

Happy Blogging beauties <3
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