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15 Beauty Tips You Never Knew!

I've compiled a list of beauty tips and makeup tips that I found to be helpful.

1. In a rush? Always define your brows, highlight your eyebrows and tear ducts, bronzing powder and mascara.

2. The lighter the lipstick, the fuller your lips will look.

3. Use a sponge applicator to blend out lip liner for fuller lips.

4. Blow drying your eyelash curler allows for curlier results.

5. Storing nail polish in the refrigerator makes it last longer.

6. Plucking eyebrows after a hot shower or bath makes the experience less painful.

7. Fix Plus from MAC, intensifies your eyeshadow when applied directly to your brush beforehand.

8. Dipping your blending brush in translucent powder before use helps with blending.

9. Putting a touch of lipgloss in the middle of your top lip will make them appear fuller and bigger.

10. Store gel eyeliners upside to increase longevity.

11. Holding a small card along the inside edge of your lashes ensures no lashes bend out of the way from your mascara wand and creates a more professional look.

12. To make sure your lipstick won't bleed, dab a bit of powder on the outside of your lip line.

13. Always buff your foundation and powder onto your face rather for a more natural look.

14. Using an angled brush to fill in eyebrows is easier and more natural on your face.

15. Remember when choosing brow powder: blonde hair needs 2 shades darker and dark hair needs 2 shades lighter.

Happy Readings,

Keshia Glam


  1. Great tips! I especially love the upside down liners trick! :)

    Steph // fun size beauty

  2. number 5 and 15 really enlightened me. Thank you for sharing it with us.^^


  3. Thanks for sharing a few of these beauty tips I did not know


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