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A wish for sunny days. LIFE UPDATE!

Hello beauties!  I just thought I'd give you guys an update about my life lately because I realized I rarely actually talk about my personal life unless you've read my 'about me' section or I'm doing a tag.

Awhile ago, I found out I'm no longer deploying which means I can continue on with all of my plans sooner that I thought. The plan before this recent news was to start esthetician school when I returned and use the money to support myself while in school. I also wanted to start making youtube beauty videos but everything was going to start happening for me in 2015.

Since the news, of course my plan has changed. I plan to work during the summer to pay for this amazing camera I want to buy and start esthetician school in the fall. My passion really is makeup artistry and I want to get better, learn all sorts of techniques and be that amazing makeup artist before I actually call myself an MUA. My long term goal is to open a day spa with makeup services, massages and facial treatments.

That's pretty much my latest run down. Oh, currently I'm using my amazing iPhone to take my photos *insert sarcastic smirk*. With that being said I only take my photos outdoors otherwise they'd suck. I ordered small lights from amazon but those were an EPIC fail. So cloudy=no photos. I have about 9 posts, literally!, that are written and waiting for pictures so they can be posted. Whenever the suns decides to come back out in sunny Louisiana, more interesting posts will be up!

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