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Building My Makeup Collection

I can say I have more makeup than the average person. I don't have hoards but a few people would say that I have a lot of makeup. You know when someone comes over saying you have too much makeup or you spend too much on it? Meanwhile you're trying your damnedest to explain how much makeup you don't have or how much more makeup you need, until you finally give it a rest. I know I don't need to validate why I have so much makeup or why I need more but I still find myself trying to explain and account for all of my makeup.

My theory is that I generally need products in every color. I have a few large pre-made eye shadow palettes and tons of single/duo/quad palettes that I can mix & match colors so I generally don't need any more eye shadow colors. I just want to be able to create any look with any colors and already have the products here at home. I have more than enough mascaras, face products, and glosses.

I find that I build up my collection better, as a whole, if I do certain sections at a time. I still purchase other products, my focus is just on the specific type until I get somewhat pleased. If you regularly read my blog, you've noticed my focus lately has been lipsticks.

Before I started building I had only 5 lipsticks..Viva Glam Nicki 1, maybelline, milani, nyx, and black radiance. All are pink and one red. Last fall I started on the lipstick section of products. I purchased browns, dark reds, and nudes. So when spring time started coming, I started getting brighter colors. I believe I'm up to about 22 lipsticks. After my last order comes in (RiRi Woo), I'll stop focusing on lipsticks and focus on Lip/Eye liners..gels/pencils/liquid.

Do you have a special method for building your collection?
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  1. Haha, you're doing well if you're up to 22 from 4. :)

    I tend to just pick things up as and when I want it, but I probably have too many products as it is, I definitely already have a well established collection. :)


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