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Day & Night Makeup Tutorial with Dana Tanksley!

+Dana Tanksley and I are both colorful, dramatic makeup (wearers?) so I knew these looks would be awesome. We decided to do makeup looks with a day & night scheme. I'm doing day, Dana is doing night and we both went with a light blue color scheme.

If you haven't noticed a trend in my tutorials by now, my specialty and fav is bright, over the top, night time looks. This is because I normally don't do full out makeup during the day and if I do, it's a simple one color or neutral smokey eye. With that being said, doing this daytime look was a lot of fun and challenging too because I didn't want to overdue it.
I plan on starting makeup artist school in the fall to perfect my makeup skills and attend many other classes. A year from now, I want to be a professional and I understand not every client is going to want extremely bold & outlandish makeup so creating this look was great practice.

1. I primed my eyes using an NYX Milk Pencil
2. Patted a light blue and light green onto my lid using a flat shader brush.
3. Using a Angled eyeshadow brush I added a sandy brown into my crease.
4. I used a blending brush to blend all colors.
5. Lastly I added a light brown/creme color to my browbone.

+Dana Tanksley's Night Look:

I had so much creating these looks with her. Ready to do another already! Follow her links beauties! My liquid liner is ready to be replaced. I think I've been using it for over a year! If you  know of any good liquid liners leave them in the comments below pleasee! Thank you beauties for reading my blog post! Check out my last tutorial for a colorful Spring makeup tutorial.

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