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Life Update + New Phone Cases! 6/3/13

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Hey beauties, welcome to Talkative Tuesday. I recently added a new blog template! I love the layout of everything now. The only problem I'm having is fitting everything in one lonely column. I feel like  I have a lot to show with all of my networks and ads so I really need 2 columns. I do intend on getting a template designed especially for my needs but it's not at the top of the priority list.

I'm on a mission to improve and organize my life. I've made a personal editorial calender for myself which helps soo much when publishing posts. I'm following a workout schedule as well, so you might see a few health posts here soon. I workout extremely early in the morning, because that's what I'm used to with the Army. I have a membership at Anytime Fitness and I absolutely love the entire gym. I'm trying to tone and workout because I have a PT test coming up and I need to pass it. I generally just want to get healthier and feel healthier. I'm basically just trying to get my life in some sort of order.

My blogiversary is coming up next month and I can't wait, I feel like it's going to be my actual birthday andddd today my two new phone cases came in the mail. One is a mock purse (vintage pink). The other is a mock camera (hot pink). The cases are from Amazon and my overall total, including shipping was $7. What do you beauties think of my phone cases?


  1. congrats on your "blogaversiary" I think I spelt that wrong haha! I love the design of your blog, it makes it really easy to read xxx

  2. Thanks, I really needed to switch up my layout for that very reason!


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