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MAC Lipstick Giveaway Winner!!!

As you beauties know, I recently hosted my first giveaway! It was so fun to see everyone commenting and entering. I got to socialize and get to know a lot of you on other social sites. I had a total of 1,050 entries! That is soo crazy to me, I didn't expect that many entries at all!! Thank you beauties so much for entering my giveaway.

The winner will of course receive the MAC lipstick of their choice, but they will also (if applicable) get their name or banner/link placed on my blog, a shout out on twitter and an Instagram post.

With my next few giveaways, I plan on having more prizes and incentives available. I just love making a makeup lover's day by blessing them with something new. Stay on alert for more of my giveaways. I definitely see one coming up in July for my FIRST blogiversary!!! *claps*

Giveaway Winner:
Jordan Silberman, owner of SillySilberman (Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog)

Her Links:


  1. oh wow, I missed out on your other giveaway :( can't wait for your next one xx

    1. I'm hoping to have another for my blogiversary :)


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