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Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water Review + Demo

Hey beauties! Here in Louisiana it's roughly 95 degrees everyday and the humidity is crazy, which it makes it feel 10 degrees hotter! Whether it's a new cold drink recipe or cooling product, I'm always on the lookout for something new for the summer heat.  

Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water

Beat the Heat!
I was recently sent this really cool, literally cool, product from Perlier, the

Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water. If rejuvenation came in Lemon form, it'd be this body water. I'm not a fan of Lemon scents, but this scent isn't overpowering. The scent is a very light airy-lemon smell.

Perlier Lemon Crackling Body Water
When life gives you lemons, spray them on your skin!
Spray the body water on your skin and instantly feel cooler. Rub it across your skin and watch it crackle! You can refrigerate it as well to add to the cooling effect. Once I sprayed it on my skin there were no after effects and the only thing different was the cooling effect it left. I tested the product on 3 other people and there were no bad skin reactions.

You'd expect a loud-smelling, sticky, residue-leaving product but that's not the case with this product. This wasn't the type of product I thought I'd like but I actually really liked it! I wouldn't use it all the time but for a trip involving the outdoors, I'd just have to take it along. 

Demo Video

Brave enough to give it a go? 
It's available exclusively on HSN for $24.50. You can visit HSN here to purchase it. Use promo code: IFABBO5 to receive $5 off the product. 

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