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Talkative Tuesday: Blog update, Announcement & Poll!

Hey beauties! Prepare for a bit of CONSTRUCTIVE rambling ;)  ...

What's New?
I've been revising my blog schedule lately to better fit my blog needs. I tried posting only one review a week, while posting at least 3 other different types of post a week. Since I've started using an editorial calender to keep track of my upcoming posts, I realized I have enough posts to last me until October. Except I don't want that because that will only push my future new-product reviews farther and farther.

I just have too many products constantly coming on plate that I want to review to say I only post one review a week. I haul at least 2x a month with a lot of products and I don't even review all of them. I'll now start posting 2 reviews a week if need be. I know I don't always find the time to post a DIY or makeup tutorial so on those days when I don't post a tutorial, which are Wednesdays, I'll be posting skincare and body product reviews. You can view my current blog schedule here.

I've been getting contacted by a few brands and companies that would like me to post sponsored posts. I want to and will post more sponsored posts with my 100% honest reviews. I'd rather lose a sponsorship with a brand than to lose my readers' trust. I'm in the process of writing a more personalized disclaimer. You can view my disclaimer here.

What's Coming Up?
A giveaway is coming up! I'm still working out the details and products but it's going to be a blogiversary/birthday giveaway. My blogiversary is on July 18th but the sucky part is that I'll be away for Army training for TWO whole weeks starting July 19th!  Don't fret, I'll be scheduling posts to be automatically posted during my absence, I will just be responding to comments later than usual. I wanted to post it the day of my blogiversary but I won't have all of the items here in time for that date. So I'll be posting the giveaway on my birthday!

Aug 19th, save the date! That's right your amazing blogger friend will be 20! So it'll be like we're celebrating my birthday together. *throws confetti*

As per each Talkative Tuesday post, I'll be throwing in a poll or two just so I can get feedback and improve my blog. Today's poll will help me decide on what products to choose for my giveaway. I hope that you'll participate in each poll <3

What's Your Top 3 Favorite Cosmetic Brands?
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  1. I took part to your poll hun :D
    What about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!

    Carolina + GIVEAWAY

  2. I'm a new follower! I found your blog on beautylish :) Can't wait to see more from you!


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