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Talkative Tuesday: Mandatory 2 1/2 week leave!

Hey beauties! Happy Tuesday <3 

Two Week Leave

   I mentioned before that I'd be leaving for two weeks for Army training but I didn't go into detail. I'll be training out in the hot sun everyday except for maybe sundays. The chances of me having any time or internet connection other than my phone are very slim. My days will start about 5am and end about 10pm on most days. 

   I'll be scheduling about posts ahead of time to be automatically posted while I'm away. I won't be responding to comments and if I do, it won't be as quickly as I normally do. I really didn't want to take a hiatus so I hope all of my scheduling tactics work out.

Giveaway Talk

Alot of the items I'm giving away have to be purchased online because I live in a rural area. I really wanted to have all of the items in my possession and grouped together for my own photographs just so you beauties know exactly what your getting. 

First I wanted it to be on my blogiversary but I wouldn't be here to make sure all of the items were ready or to promote the giveaway. Then I said heyy,"what about my birthday?". Great idea right? By the time I've returned from training all of the items still wouldn't be ready. So now I'm at a crossroad about it, because I really wanted to have one soon. 

Can I just be unorthodox and call it a just because giveaway? That way I won't have to worry about it being a special occasion or a certain mark of followers. Hmm.. I'll think of something and give it a special occasion name, but deep down you'll's a just because giveaway and that, will be our little secret <3

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