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Alphabet Challenge: G is for Garnier Fructis!

Welcome to Week 7 of the Alphabet Challenge <3 This week's letter is G. If you'd like info on how to join the Alphabet Challenge, read below.

garnier fructis

My G is for Garnier! Garnier is an affordable hair/skin care line with a hugeee range of products. I've only tried Garnier Fructis hair products so I can't speak for the skincare line. The hair products range from straightening shampoo to hairspray all the way to curling gels and hair putty. Garnier has always been my first choice for products. Why you ask? Once again they're affordable but not only that, you can find the brand just about anywhere. If there's a specific type of product I need, I always go to Garnier first and if it doesn't get the job done I'll look elsewhere. After all of my shampoos and conditioners are used up, I'm sad to say that I'll be switching over to all natural, curly products.

garnier fructis
1. Body Boost
2. Triple Nutrition Shampoo
3. Sleek & Shine Conditioner
4. Sleek & Shine Conditioner
5. 2-in-1 Anti-dandruff
6. Fall Fight Shampoo
7. Fall Fight Conditioner

garnier fructis
8. Sleek and Shine Hairspray
9. Fiber Gum Putty
10. Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioner
11. XXL Body Boosting Mousse
12. Curl Sculpting 
13. Fall Fight Strand Saver

How to Join the Challenge
Send your name and blog URL to
Further Instructions will be given through email.

Comment below if you'd like me to review a certain product. Have you ever used any Garnier Fructis products?

Alphabet Challenge: F is for Floral Prints (Affordable Fashion)

Hey beauties! I recently joined a new challenge, the Alphabet Challenge and it's currently in Week #6. This week's letter is F. If you'd like info on how to join the Alphabet Challenge, read below.

My F is for floral prints. I used to think florals were too girly and just plain old revolting but now they've grown on me as I've grown more fashionally in tune. My collage features floral pieces from different styles all under $40. Under the collage, you'll find where you can purchase each piece by clicking on the item picture.

Alphabet Challenge: F is for Floral Prints (Affordable Fashion)

Influence floral dress
$23 -

Cross shirt

Crop shirt

Crop shirt
$12 -

Vero Moda clothing
$21 -

Jumpsuits romper
$39 -

Flower print shorts
$19 -

Charlotte russe shoes

Peep toe pumps

Mi Pac backpack
$39 -

Backpacks bag

Head scarf

Head wrap headband
$4.66 -

How to Join
Send your name and blog URL to 
Further Instructions will be given through email

Happy Birthday to ME! (Personal Story)

Hey loves <3 Guess what AUG.19 is!!! *Glances at title* It's my birthday :)

A whopping 20 years old. I'm not one to go all ballistic for my birthday simply because I've never really celebrated my birthday until last year. Sometimes I think of my birthday as a reminder, a reminder that I'm getting older and not where I'd like to be. It makes me very depressed at times.

I mentioned this to my girlfriend(BA in psychology). She reminds me that I spent alot of time after graduating high school doing Army training and when I returned I was honestly depressed. I missed the Active duty Army life so much. I started a new job but it took me awhile to re-cooperate and accept that I couldn't return back to the Active Duty life. Right after I started to get better and enroll in Esthetician school(first try) a hurricane hit and my unit was sent to the gulf to aid Hurricane victims, while on Hurricane duty, we were told we'd be deploying..which halted all of my education plans. Of course, the deployment ended up being canceled which meant that I'd wasted half a year.

Anyways, Lynn(girlfriend) said I should make a list of my accomplishments (to make myself feel better) and a list of the things I'd like to accomplish. She was right, once I see what I've accomplished in this short amount of time, it makes me feel better.

My accomplishments:
  • 3yrs down in the Army/3 more to go!!
  • Mommy to a bearded dragon
  • Enrolled in Esthetician/Makeup School (Fuck-Yeah)
  • Website owner of this amazing blog
  • No negative items on my Credit Score

What I'd like to have accomplished by my next(21st) birthday:
  • Complete another year in the Army
  • Be a Licensed Esthetician/MUA
  • Attend a 2-4day class at CMC Makeup School:Dallas,TX (IMATS Sponsor)
  • Be enrolled or already working towards a degree in Business
  • Have 1000 blog followers
  • Start or have started making YouTube videos.

Well there's my list. On my 21st birthday, I'm going to back and look at the list and see how far I've gotten. As these things happen, I'd like to come back and strikethrough them. I know my post signature always says "thanks for reading" but I'd like to personally thank you for reading this. Thanks for the comments, the pageviews, the compliments. Just thank you for everything. I know I don't have the highest stats, but I'm still so grateful for each and every person following my blog. Yall are truly like the beauty/fashion friends I've never had and now I'm crying. Okay beauties that's my queue.

Love Theme Makeup

love theme makeup look red lips riri woo

While I was away, I missed two weeks of the weekly tag so I'm happy to be back. Each week the lovely Aqeela hosts a tag with a new theme. 

This week's theme is emotion. I decided to go with Love. When I think of love, I think about red/pink, hearts and valentines day. So as usual, I'm a horrible drawer(sp?) and the hearts around my eyes..well idk what shape they were, but they were awful lol.

love theme makeup look red lips riri woo

love theme makeup look red lips riri woo


BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette-Soft pink and purple
Duo Lash Glue & Hobby Lobby Stackable Red Glitter


love theme makeup look red lips riri woo

TAG: This or that!

Hello, happy Tuesday! I retrieved this tag from Amy @ Revlonbaby09 BlogI tag everyone reading, leave your link in the comments if you decided to participate <3

1. blush or bronzer - blush
2. lip gloss or lip stick - lip gloss
3. eye liner or mascara - mascara
4. foundation or concealer - foundation
5. neutral or colour eye shadow - color
6. pressed or loose eye shadows - pressed
7. brushes or sponges - brushes

8. OPI or china glaze - china glaze
9. long or short - short
10. acrylic or natural - acrylic
11. brights or darks - brights
12. flower or no flower - no flower

13. perfume or body splash - body splash
14. lotion or body butter - lotion
15. body wash or soap - body wash
16. lush or other bath company - lush

17. jeans or sweat pants - jeans
18. long sleeve or short - short
19. dresses or skirts - skirts
20. stripes or plaid - stripes
21. flip flops or sandals - sandals
22. scarves or hats - hats
23. studs or dangly earrings - dangly
24. necklaces or bracelets - bracelets
25. heels or flats - heels
26. cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots
27. jacket or hoodie - hoodie

28. curly or straight - straight
29. bun or ponytail - bun
30. bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins
31. hair spray or gel - hair spray
32. long or short - long
33. light or dark - dark
34. side sweep bangs or full bangs - full
35. up or down - down

36. rain or shine - shine
37. summer or winter - summer
38. fall or spring - spring
39. chocolate or vanilla - chocolate
40. cats or dogs - dogs

Review: BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette-Neutral Eyeshadow

Happy Monday to all of you beauties reading! I'm so happy to be writing reviews again. I've had the BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette for awhile, not one I thought I'd ever purchase seeing that I'm more of a colorful gal. 

bh cosmetics 88 neutral palette

The BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette comes with, of course, 88 shades perfect for a beautiful subtle eye look. Back in 2010 when I first started purchasing BH Cosmetics palettes, they didn't come with an applicator or a mirror. As you can see this one comes with both, making our travel case packing list a little shorter. 

The colors in the palette are gorgeous with good pigmentation as with all BH Cosmetics palettes, which I'm a huge fan of. Some of the shadows do have fallout when used without an eyeshadow base. To prevent this, just make sure to tap your brush to remove the excess shadow. 

The palette doesn't just have your neutral brown tones. The palette comes with a few pink, orange, green and purple tones..all subtle shades of course. 

bh cosmetics 88 neutral palette

bh cosmetics 88 neutral palette

Overall, I'm really pleased with the palette. I'd also purchase it for some of my (less colorful) family members as a Christmas or birthday gift. Purchase the 88 Color Neutral Palette Here for 45% off!

What eyeshadow palette are you loving right now?

Review:Evande Natural Facial Care

Hey Beauties! Awhile back I was introduced to a new skincare company, Evande. The company sent me a few samples to try out and review for my blog readers.

Evande introduces a simplistic cleansing trio which includes a gentle facial cleanser and makeup remover, pore minimizing toner and an oil free face & neck moisturizer. Evande's mission is to introduce a system that not only meets any skin concern but also to use natural ingredients in a simple three step system. 

Evande products are infused with Aloe, Passion Fruit, Amla, Lemon, Bilberry, Elder Flower, Almond, Shea Butter and Figs. All products are also paraben free.

Cleanser/Makeup Remover-$9.99
Non drying, regenerating 2-in-1 product that clears away dead skin cells and effectively removes impurities, makeup and oils.
Toner- $7.99
Alcohol-free, reduces pore size making it harder to germs to penetrate into the skin, while regulating the moisture and skin's natural oils level.
Hydrating silk and vitamin complex, tones and enhances skin health by maintain high moisture levels and protects against environmental exposure and cell de-hydration.
3 Step Trio- $24.99

I used the cleanser/makeup remover and moisturizer for a few nights. My skin was actually noticeably smoother and hydrated, despite my usual extremely dry skin. The products are creamy without being too thick. The samples I received were pretty healthy and I received a few good uses out of each.

The makeup remover/cleanser is super convenient because I didn't have to use multiple products. I feel like it holds up good for both uses. As a makeup remover it removed my mascara, eyeliner and shadow without hard work. I'd definitely purchase these products in full size knowing that they'd get the job done for an affordable price!

Discount Code
Evande was lovely enough to give me a special 20% off discount code for my readers! Use Discount Code: EVANDEB @ for 20% off your order.

Will you be trying Evande?

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