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Alphabet Challenge: G is for Garnier Fructis!

Welcome to Week 7 of the Alphabet Challenge <3 This week's letter is G. If you'd like info on how to join the Alphabet Challenge, read below.

garnier fructis

My G is for Garnier! Garnier is an affordable hair/skin care line with a hugeee range of products. I've only tried Garnier Fructis hair products so I can't speak for the skincare line. The hair products range from straightening shampoo to hairspray all the way to curling gels and hair putty. Garnier has always been my first choice for products. Why you ask? Once again they're affordable but not only that, you can find the brand just about anywhere. If there's a specific type of product I need, I always go to Garnier first and if it doesn't get the job done I'll look elsewhere. After all of my shampoos and conditioners are used up, I'm sad to say that I'll be switching over to all natural, curly products.

garnier fructis
1. Body Boost
2. Triple Nutrition Shampoo
3. Sleek & Shine Conditioner
4. Sleek & Shine Conditioner
5. 2-in-1 Anti-dandruff
6. Fall Fight Shampoo
7. Fall Fight Conditioner

garnier fructis
8. Sleek and Shine Hairspray
9. Fiber Gum Putty
10. Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioner
11. XXL Body Boosting Mousse
12. Curl Sculpting 
13. Fall Fight Strand Saver

How to Join the Challenge
Send your name and blog URL to
Further Instructions will be given through email.

Comment below if you'd like me to review a certain product. Have you ever used any Garnier Fructis products?

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