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Alphabet Challenge: J is for Jumpers (Affordable Fashion)

Hey beauties! Welcome to week 10 of The Alphabet Challenge! This week's letter is J. If you'd like info on how to join the Alphabet Challenge, read below. 

My "J" is for jumpers. Jumpers are understood to be different types of clothing in different countries, whether they're a type of dress or sweater. The jumpers I'll be showing you are sweater jumpers, waist length or oversized and worn with jeans or leggings during colder seasons. All of these sweaters are affordable(under $50).

Alphabet Challenge: J is for Jumpers (Affordable Fashion)


Vero Moda pastel shirt
$47 -

River Island jumper shirt
$45 -

Parisian aztec print sweater
$45 -

Bunny sweater
$40 -


Turquoise shirt
$13 -

Moustache shirt
$13 -

Owl sweater
$24 -

How to Join 
- Send your name and blog URL to 
- Further instructions will be given through email reply 

Which of these would you wear?


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