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Weekly Tag- Pink!

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Every week, the lovely and talented Aqeela hosts a weekly makeup tag. She presents us with a new theme and we create a makeup look relating to that theme. This week, however the tag has changed a little bit, leaving a lot of room for even more creative posts. From now on, the posts will consist of anything relating to the theme ie. makeup look, outfit, products, nails..okay you got it :)

If you know just one thing about me, that one thing is that my favorite color is pink! As luck would have it, this week's theme is PINK. For about 9 months, I even had pink hair! When I first found out the theme I was like "omg, I have so much pink. I don't know which idea to choose." I decided to show you what some of my favorite pink items are <3

All photos of me. 
1.Wearing my signature hot pink lip. 
2. My pink hair. 

pink makeup train case
Soho Train Case

pink conair revlon curling wand blow dryer flat ironRevlon Flat Iron, Conair Blow dryer & Curling Wand

pink mac nyc revlon wet n wild makeup
Left: NYC Fashion Avenue Fuschia. MAC Pink Poodle. Revlon Fuschia Fever. Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink. MAC Candy Yum Yum

What are some of your favorite pink items?


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