Beauty and Fashion Blog, Makeup Reviews, How to Makeup | Keshia Glam: November 2013

Welcome back post! Illness, life changes ugh.

Hey beauties! Happy Thanksgiving! Wooh it's been how long 2 freaking months I think. So much has happened in my life with so many changes. My life was completely turned upside down once I got into beauty school and from there, it went further down!

While I was going through a really horrible breakup, I became ill. There's not a doctor around that can tell me exactly what's wrong. I was basically bed ridden for about 3 weeks without being able to hold down any food. I lost about 35lbs in less than two weeks. I basically had to take a leave from school. It really sucked because of course I really wanted to get through my classes without interruption.

I've just recently started to feel better as in walking around and just being in less pain where my bones just throb badly. I eat veryyy tiny portions now like a few spoonfulls of food...any more than that and I vomit up everything. I'm basically learning to cope with it and now I'm able to get back into the world and go find myself a job. I have every intention on continuing with my makeup career, I'm just taking this time to get myself together.

I've missed my blog so much, creating makeup looks and doing product reviews. I'm just glad to be back. You'll notice a few changes around my blog as well as the domain name change. Just keep me in your prayers ladies :)

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