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Full Review: Elf Eyebrow Kit

elf eyebrow kit dark
Here lately I've been pretty obsessed with my brows. I like trying new brow products, a lot of which is because I change my hair color so often that I don't have a choice. I can take a picture everyday and you would easily notice how my brows change.

I've heard a ton of good things about this eyebrow kit so hey I tried it! My review is kind of hit and miss at the same time. I honestly believe it really depends on how you like to wear your brows.

The kit comes with a colored wax, powder that's lighter than the wax and a duo sided brush. It has a mirror that I'll probably never use. Let's first come on out and say the brush is useless. My kit is in the shade dark because I have cold black hair and I hate really black or really brown brows on myself. Did I mention just how picky I am about my brows? 
elf eyebrow kit dark

Anyways, the wax is dark, almost black so I thought "okay it'll be perfect when I put the lighter powder on top." Wrong, so wrong..the powder isn't nearly pigmented enough to be coated over the actually shows up pretty nonexistent on my brows. 

I'm really in love with the wax and the texture. It lays down my brow hairs really well while adding the color I need. However when I tried it on coarser brow hairs, it didn't lay down any hairs. I'd say for coarser brow hairs, you're still going to need a separate brow gel. As far as lining outside of the brows to give them shape, the wax is too smooth to do that. Unless your brows already have your preferred shape to them, I'd say you'll need a pencil as well. 

  • Great Wax
  • Mirror
  • Compact
  • Price of $3.00

  • Horrible Powder
  • Useless Brush
elf eyebrow kit dark keshia glam

I wouldn't call this a kit because in my opinion, a complete kit would include everything you need for filling in brows and this just doesn't do it for me. Would I tell someone not to buy it? No, I'd still recommend it for those who want something quick and simple to add just a little touch of definition to brows. For those of us who are extremely picky and have a full brow routine..take a chance, especially if you have lighter brows. I mean it's extremely affordable so why might love it!


  1. I'm trying to sort my brows out also and I'm looking for a great eyebrow product. I am currently using Milani eyebrow kit and I find it does the job...but I feel like it misses the mark just a bit. Thanks for the honest review....I may give this one a miss.

    Keisha xo

  2. Next on my list to try are the BH Cosmetics Brow Trio's and of course the almight praised Anastasia brow products. Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. Love the brows. I followed back at bloglovin. I also follow you on gfc.
    please follow back.


  4. Looking very pretty dear. Nice post. I really liked your blog and posts.
    I was wondering we can connect and follow each other (Bloglovin, Twitter and Google plus)if you like my blog too.

  5. I was thinking to buy this one.. but it seems to be just an average product, m skiping this one..thanks for sharing..great review


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