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Life Update! I'm Backkkkk

Hey beauty lovers! I've got a lot to update you guys on. For starters, I'm currently enrolled back into school. I was able to pick back up where I left off before I got sick. I'm back on track and I should be finishing up class in June. 

I want to start back posting on a regular basis. I've learned so much while in school from waxing techniques to ultimate skincare tips to makeup application. When I finish classes and go before the state board, I will be a licensed Esthetician. With this license I can give spa treatments such as customized facials, body wraps. I'll also be licensed to wax any part of the body and be able to call myself a professional makeup artist. If you look around my blog you can pretty much tell that this license is perfect for me.  

Lately I've been working on my post calender so I can keep track of my posts. I really don't have alot of time on my hands since I'm away from home 8am-5pm while fitting in gym time and little jobs. The way I see it everyone else has a life and can maintain an active why can't I? 

I have a ton of new products to review. I will be posting more professional/expensive makeup and skincare products just because I'm starting to really build my professional makeup and facial kit. Don't worry I'll still be posting my drugstore brands!` I'm just really excited and anxious to finish school so I can begin the next chapter in my life. 

Stay tuned for my reviews and makeup looks :) Thanks for reading!

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