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New business/comp cards from VistaPrint!

makeup artist business card comp card composite card

I've wanted to purchase business and composite cards for some time now. I was really eager to get my business cards so I wanted to find an affordable online printing company with a good makeup related template. I checked out the popular ones like Moo and Zazzle but I just didn't really care for their prices and pre-made cards. 

I'm absolutely in love with my cards. About two weeks after ordering my business cards, I decided to go back to VistaPrint for composite cards and I was impressed once again! The colors are vibrant and it looks professional in person. I'm glad I used VistaPrint and I'm sure I'll be using them in the future. I had no issues with shipping, my orders actually arrived before they were expected. If you need anything printed, I'd recommend VistaPrint!

Business Cards
makeup artist business card comp card composite card

Composite Card
In case your wondering, a composite or comp card is basically a quick version of your portfolio, about the size of an over-sized index card. You'd hand these out to potential clients if your time isn't permitting or leave them behind for a client to refer back to. Comp cards always have photos of your work as well as your contact information. When applying for all of your professional makeup artist discounts, you'll find most companies want not only your business card but also a composite card. 

makeup artist business card comp card composite card

***I've really been wanting to write this post, but it's been storming here lately. Whenever we get a sunny patch, I'll upload these pics again in better lighting! Please excuse the blur added to the pics to cover my phone number for privacy purposes.

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