Beauty and Fashion Blog, Makeup Reviews, How to Makeup | Keshia Glam: September 2014

Life UPDATE!!! *screams*

Hey there beauties :) I'm back once again!

What's new you ask? Well... I finished my Esthetician courses!!! I'm currently studying to go through my licensing exams anddd..that's right: I'll be able to professionally apply makeup, perform waxing services, skincare consulting and a plethora of more choices. I'm so happy with my achievement and I'm not done there. I'll be starting college again next month to get my business degree. 

I have a tonnn of products to review for you guys as I've started really started stocking up on makeup for my kit. If you've been following me you know I've had one hell of a year. Stay tuned for January, where I'll be bringing you guys more updates and posts! xx

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