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Hair Waxing 101: What it is, allergic reactions and 4 Reasons Why It's Better Than Shaving!

In this post I'll be speaking on two of many types of epilation (ie. waxing, laser, threading) and depilation (ie. shaving, chemicals such as nair) hair removal. Depilatories only remove hair from the skin's surface while epilatories remove hair from and beneath the skin's surface.

4 Reasons Why Waxing is Better Than Shaving
1. Waxing lasts longer than shaving as waxing pulls the hair from the root while shaving only removes the portion of hair on the skin's surface.

2. Over time, waxing slows down the hair growth cycle thus making your hairless glory last longer! When hair is waxed often enough, hair follicles can become weak--resulting in permanent hair loss on the waxed area. 

3. Your skin will be noticeably smoother with less stubble and less itchy due to slower hair growth.

4. Waxing works for any hair texture and type. Don't be afraid to give waxing a try because your might be one the softer or coarser side!

In Action

The above photo is an arm wax I performed. Notice not only is every hair removed on the after side, but the skin also appears smoother, brighter and healthier.

Skin allergies to certain waxes are rare. However, in a few cases, individuals will receive a waxing service and have an allergic reaction such as extreme soreness, redness or rashes. This does not necessarily mean they are allergic to waxing, it simply could mean their skin did not agree with that type of wax. 

There are two types of wax, soft and hard. There are multiple types, ingredients and brands of each wax. Nearly all professional waxes are made with hypo-allergenic ingredients; however this is not a 100% guarantee that you will not be allergic. If you've ever received a wax and received a bad reaction, it could be a result of many things: improper technique might have been used, incorrect wax temperature or perhaps, certain ingredients didn't agree with your skin.

If purchasing waxing services year-round aren't your cup of tea, consider only body waxing in the summer. Many spas offer waxing packages and specials that save yourself money in the long run. 

Take the plunge, will you choose to wax instead of shave?
If you'd like to see more specific posts with waxing information in regards to certain places of the face and body, comment below!

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  1. Waxing sucks at first but once you get used to the pain you eventually find it to be a "good pain" since you know it's getting rid of all that hair and you won't have to do it again for a long time. It's just like how plucking with tweezers was for me at first too.

    Sarah |


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