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March '15 in Photographs

March totally flew by for me. 
It wasn't an eventful month, but any month you're alive is a great month! Take a look at my month in photographs <3 

snow trees louisiana
In the past few years, something new has been coming to the state of Louisiana..SNOW! Even if it's only once a year or so, it's still something to celebrate.

asics gel-noosa tri 9
Finally, I have purchased a decent pair of running shoes. These are the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 9 , they come in a few different color schemes. They are just pure epicness and parts of them glow in the dark!

keshia glam
Let my clear the air by saying that this is my winter skin tone. Winter skin tone + open restaurant windows on a cloudy day...just a no.

quick healthy breakfast granola yogurt grapes chia seeds cinnamon
Yum Yum, I have eaten a variation of this bowl everyday for breakfast this month! I posted the ingredients in my last blog post here.

keshia glam
I'm not sure, what I attempted here. Midnight Madness?

fruit bowl strawberries blackberries
Nom Nom Nom, I love berries <3

Talk Back to HauteDare:
How was your month of March? Did anything exciting happen?


  1. I love the selfies!! you're gorgeous :D I love strawberries, but I don't know about the other berries.. I guess I just wasn't exposed to them.. I kind of want to love blueberries..


  2. I grew up with blackberry bushes around my house so I love them! I actually just started loving blueberries-but only with yogurt because they come off kind of tart. You should try them! Thanks for commenting xx


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