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My (random) Month of May in Photos

Hey beauties! My month of May was filled with many ups and downs, laughter and tears! My brother and I took a medical trip to the state of Georgia regarding his injury. Wheeling him through an international airport was quite the experience. Who knew mini-trains could run through an airport? We didn't get the news that we wanted to hear about his injury which really dampened our spirit. However, everything works out how it is supposed too right? So there's no reason to be let's get into my random month of May!

My brother and I randomly decided to went to grab some breakfast at Denny's one Saturday morning, I tried a really yummy strawberry-banana smoothie and we shared these amazing nachos.

I went absolutely nowhere this night I decided to play in face products.

bearded dragon

Who's a handsome beardie? My lynnli is =D

genghis mongolian drinks

My girlfriend and I are in somewhat of a long distance r'ship. She came to see me and we went out to get Mongolian stir-fry and they have the best drinks there. This is also where I had my first fishbowl! Before we went to eat she surprised me with this gorgeous ring that I love oh so much.

How was your month of May? Did anything exciting happen?

May Favorites 2015 ft. Kat Von D & MAC

may favorites 2015

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
My go-to liner at the moment. I was so happy when I finally purchased it that I blogged about it here. Its little, precise tip goes perfectly for my small lids which makes a world of difference how my makeup looks. 

Freeman's Oatmeal & Avocado Clay Mask
An oldie but goody, I've started back using this clay mask after repurchasing it in full size about a year ago. This mask makes my skin feel amazing;it tightens my skin and cleans my pores so well!

MAC 125se Brush
This is the most expensive item in my favorites this month, who would've thought it'd be a makeup brush? Oh how I adore its split fibres. I've used it to contour with every chance I get since buying! See my MAC 125 review here.
mac 125 wash n dry split fibre contour brush

Helados Ice Cream Bar
I took this little baby for granted all the times I passed by it in the only convenience store in my town. It's not like any other ice cream bar I've tried. I've only tried the fresa or strawberry flavor, but it's satisfying enough!
helados ice cream bar

Diamond Heart Ring
This gorgeous baby from Kay's Jewelry was given to me by my lovely girlfriend. It's so beautiful, I love that I finally have a ring that I can always wear with anything and show the world, hey I'm loved haha shameful or no?

What were some of your favorites this month?

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask Review

*Product sent for the purpose of reviewing with no other forms of payment. This review is my honest opinion because hey, who likes to read false information about products that go on our freaking face?

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Adovia's purifying mud mask that was sent to me by goPURE Naturals. Adovia is a growing skin care line that uses natural and herbal ingredients with modern science to really improve your skin. Adovia products are designed to not mask the problem, but to help the skin repair and rejuvenate itself. All of Adovia's products are made with ingredients from the Dead Sea.

The Adovia Purifying Mud Mask uses the key ingredients of Vitamin C, Jojoba Oil. Evening Primrose Oil, and Olive oil to moisturize the skin. It also aims boost cell renewal and tighten your pores. As the mask dries, it's designed to pull out toxins and impurities which are the horrible factors that cause clogged pores (ugh!). Enough of the boring facts, let get into the mask!

The directions are to apply a thin layer of the mud mask onto the skin; which is no problem for me because it's quite thick and not the easiest thing to apply smoothly. I'm accustomed to mud masks being creamy and fun to apply, which was not the case here.

After using the mask for awhile, my skin does feel more moisturized as a lot of my dry patches are gone. My skin feels cleaner and softer; but it didn't leave the glowing appearance to my skin that most masks leave. I do still enjoy this mask as it does make my skin feel rejuvenated and cleaner! You can purchase the Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask here.

What skincare masks have you tried recently?

Spring Fashion eOutfit: Seas of Bees

I haven't created an eOutfit in a very long time and I really missed making them. I'm bringing the series back with these beautiful colors for Spring. The skirt offers a fun and youthful pattern to the look with the help of platform sandals. Of course, you can't forget the amazing, midi rings. All items can be found below the eOutfit <3 
Spring Fashion eOutfit: Seas of Bees

Topshop rib tank top

Pleated skirt

White sandals

Forever 21 jewelry

Accessorize heart pendant

Would you wear this eOutfit or any of the items featured? Let me know in a comment!

MAC Wash & Dry 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush

MAC Wash & Dry 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush.Pictures Review

When I first saw the MAC 2015 Summer Wash & Dry Collection, I immediately knew I had to own the 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush. This is the first contour makeup brush in this style that I own, as I just could not shell out the money to purchase the NARS Ita brush. However, I have been eyeing the E.L.F, Sonia Kashuk and Real Techniques brushes similar to the 125. Anyways, I fell head over heels for the design of this summer's MAC collection, it's freaking amazing!

MAC Wash & Dry 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush.Pictures Review

MAC's 125SE Brush is a split fibre brush, meaning each side is made of two different materials- synthetic fibers and natural fibers. The synthetic fibers are perfect for cream products while the natural side is better for powder products. Both sides are quite soft, durable and really work well to blend in the product.
MAC Wash & Dry 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush.Pictures Review

MAC Wash & Dry 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush.Pictures Review

I would say that this is a splurge buy as it is on the pricey side ($38USD) and it's also a specialized brush in my opinion because, unless you're like me who contours every time I apply foundation, you might not use it as often. I can say that I love this brush and I'm interested in purchasing Freshen Up, a highlighter, from the Wash & Dry collection as well.

Have you purchased anything or been eyeing any products from MAC's Wash & Dry collection? What brushes have you been into lately?

Talkative Tuesday: Life Update..Stay-at-home SISTER?

Hello beauties. I haven't done a life update in over a year. I like to do life updates as a way to add a personal feel to my blog. I usually get pretty nice feedback on these kind of posts so let's get started!

I haven't really talked much about the major event that changed my life back in December 2014. One reason is because it's really a sensitive topic and it's a legal issue. Long story short my brother was seriously injured at his workplace. His injuries involved 2 amputations; his foot and parts of the foot had to be reattached. Needless to say he can't walk or fiend for himself and that's where I come in at. Whatever he needs I'm there for and sometimes it really dampens my spirits to see him in such a state but I'm also extremely grateful. His healing process will be a slow one and I'll be here for every step of the process, from tons of doctor visits to handing him water in the middle of the night.

I'll be using this time to focus on my blog, enrolling in online classes and maybe even start a YouTube channel. In my last life update, I told you guys that I'd earned my Esthetician license and that I had started classes for my degree. I'll be continuing with my degree in Business Marketing.

I'm almost at 300 bloglovin' followers, which is amazing for me considering all that I've been through since I've started blogging. I'd love to do a giveaway when I reach 300! I've been spending a lot of time on twitter, which has got me to thinking that I'd love to start a USA beauty blogger chat, even though I love participating in #bbloggers and #fblchat. I honestly missed blogging on my blog regularly; I missed interacting with others with my same interest. Besides my immediate family, you guys are who I talk to daily.

My questions for you guys: 
1. How often should a blogger post sponsored posts?
2. What brands would you like to see in a giveaway?
3. How often should a blogger post during one week?

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