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My (random) Month of May in Photos

Hey beauties! My month of May was filled with many ups and downs, laughter and tears! My brother and I took a medical trip to the state of Georgia regarding his injury. Wheeling him through an international airport was quite the experience. Who knew mini-trains could run through an airport? We didn't get the news that we wanted to hear about his injury which really dampened our spirit. However, everything works out how it is supposed too right? So there's no reason to be let's get into my random month of May!

My brother and I randomly decided to went to grab some breakfast at Denny's one Saturday morning, I tried a really yummy strawberry-banana smoothie and we shared these amazing nachos.

I went absolutely nowhere this night I decided to play in face products.

bearded dragon

Who's a handsome beardie? My lynnli is =D

genghis mongolian drinks

My girlfriend and I are in somewhat of a long distance r'ship. She came to see me and we went out to get Mongolian stir-fry and they have the best drinks there. This is also where I had my first fishbowl! Before we went to eat she surprised me with this gorgeous ring that I love oh so much.

How was your month of May? Did anything exciting happen?

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