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Fancy & Free | Independence Day eOutfit |

This week I wanted to create something classic and fun using independence Day colors here in the United States. I thought that this gorgeous blue dress would really be the statement of the outfit. I hope you like and as usual, the outfit details will be below!

Fancy & Free | Independence Day eOutfit |

Blue dress

White shoes

ALDO evening handbag

Apt 9 bracelet

Stila black lipstick
$24 -

Milani Rose Powder Blush: Coral Cove

When I first noticed Milani's new Rose Powder Blushes I was elated. Drugstore blushes with such gorgeous detail is hard to come by. Milani brought three shades back from the limited edition release last year. The shade that caught my attention is Coral Cove. I'm trying to step out of my realm and wear other blush colors besides bright pink so this was my first step! 

Coral Cove really is a gorgeous shade. My favorite thing about this blush is it's builadble  as I showed above. It can really be built to pop on any skin tone. My con to Coral Cove is that it can come on chalky, making it apply a little patchy if too much is applied at once. It doesn't apply bad enough that it's a regret for me, I'm still pleased with it, though not quite as much as I'm with Milani's Baked Blushes.

Motivational Monday: WOTW #1

I've decided..because we all can use a little motivation, to participate in Motivational Mondays by creating my own small series. Words of the Week (#wotw) will just be a series of posts where I bring you a different quote that I feel like truly motivates me and hopefully it will motivate you too xx 

Anytime successful people are asked questions about how they achieved their success, somewhere in the answer is that they never gave up. Whether it's your fitness goals, academic success, or maybe even your blog..don't give up, keep going. Very few things in life are easy and success takes work. That's the best advice I could ever give myself! 

Wet n Wild: Bright Summer Lipsticks

We all know I'm a huge sucker for bright, colorful makeup year-round but Spring and Summer sort of give me more of an excuse to wear bold lipstick colors. I remember the days when we would have to go to an high-end brand to purchase good quality, fun lipstick colors but now tons of drugstore or highstreet brands have them.

Today (by the title) I'm focusing on three beautiful shades I purchased from Wet n Wild-- my all time favorite drugstore (and one of the most affordable) makeup brand. I could never replace my favorite bright MAC lipstick shades like Sounds Like Noise, Viva Glam Nicki or Candy Yum Yum; but one can never have too much makeup right?

Wet n Wild lipsticks usually range between $0.99 and $1.99 which is crazy for the quality of their lip colors! I actually erm..ran over my all time favorite Wet N Wild lippie (Dollhouse Pink) which was and is always sold out everywhere..*sigh*.

Anyways, Let's see these swatches! 

wet n wild 24 carrot gold whats up doc 15 minutes aflame

wet n wild 24 carrot gold whats up doc 15 minutes aflame

These lippies are smooth to apply and they have nice durability. It's also nice that they're buildable-so you can have a nice wash of color or go for more of an opaque finish. What do you guys think; would you wear these lip colors?

June 2015 Ipsy Bag + First Impressions

This month's Ipsy bag theme is Swim into Beauty. I received some pretty good items in my bag this month, one of them being one of my holy-grail items! I think all of the products are pretty good for summer; they all help your summer makeup last .

ipsy bag

What's inside? 

AltCheck MD Eye Gel Pads ($4) & Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($10)

I'd never tried gel pads for the eyes before trying these. They're cooling and removed the puffiness from my under-eyes. I was pretty excited to see a sample of my favorite Smashbox primer included in this month's bag. 

J. Cat Hydrating Lip Stain ($5.99)

The color looked a little dull in the packaging but it's actually quite brilliant once it's swatched. The color dried super matte and didn't go anywhere without a bit of scrubbing.

Aurora Intensive Eyeliner Pen ($12)

This liner is definitely intensive. This is by far the blackest eyeliner pen I've used. I played around with a bit and realized that it could potentially replace my current fav- the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
ipsy Aurora Intensive Eyeliner Pen

tre'StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon ($10)

I wasn't expecting the gorgeous color payoff that I got when I first swatched this little baby. The color is beautiful subtle, iridescent gold that I'd be happy to wear alone or paired with a powder shadow. It also has pretty good stay-power so this little guy is a winner.

ipsy tre'stique
ipsy tre'stique

About Ipsy

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service. They will send out 4-5 beauty products and each month you'll get totally different products which Ipsy matches according to your Ipsy Beauty Quiz. Something different that I love about Ipsy bags is that your products come in a different makeup bag each month. The monthly subscription fee is $10 but your bag's product value will always exceed the fee. The other perk of Ipsy? The subscription can be cancelled and picked back up whenever you want.

The total value for this month's box is around $42. I was overall satisfied with my items. I love love love trying out new products so affordable subscriptions like Ipsy make me day.

Have tried or want to try any of the products I received from Ipsy
Are you subscribed to any monthly subscriptions?

Fashion Friday: Sun + Fun eOutfit

For this week's eOutfit I wanted to create a comfortable but colorful outfit. I love playing with bold graphic clothing and I stepped outside of my box by adding Birkenstock inspired sandals. Hope you like xx

Fashion Friday: Sun + Fun eOutfit

Brand Focus: NYC Big & Bold

I'm a huge fan of New York Color products. I obsess over their lipglosses and eyeshadows-- some of the first cosmetics I ever tried. This is one of the few brands that I think can make quality, super affordable drugstore makeup. Needless to say when Influenster wanted to send me two new products from NYC to test out, I was thrilled. The two products I was sent are the Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara and the Big Bold & Precise Felt Tip Liner. 

NYC Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara Big Bold & NYC Precise Felt Tip Liner

Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara
This mascara is designed to give you (of course) big, bold lashes that are longer on the outer parts of the eye creating an angel wing effect. Truthfully, I've only had a couple of drugstore mascaras that actually work for me and the Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara is one of them. It kept the curl on my straight lashes and made them just gorgeous. I'd totally repurchase the Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara, it's one of the few mascaras that I'd like to wear by itself without any falsies. 

NYC Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara Big Bold

Big Bold & Precise Felt Tip Liner
Don't underestimate my statement when I say that this is the worst liner I've ever tried. It has a felt tip which I normally love but this tip is just huge for my tiny lids. Using the Big Bold & Precise Felt Tip Liner felt like I was drawing my wings on with a dry erase marker. It also tugged on my skin, which is like the worst quality in an eyeliner. The other thing that bothered me about this eyeliner is its inability to distribute the color evenly. I'd say this liner could be better for someone with larger lids who doesn't mind a bold line.

NYC Precise Felt Tip Liner

What are some of your favorite drugstore mascaras and liners?

REVIEW || Zakia Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask + Giveaway

Moroccan what?!? That was my first question when I first received Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask. I was sent this product by Zakia to try it out, review it and bring you guys a giveaway! 

First thing first..what in the world is Ghassoul?
Ghassoul or rhassoul is a mineral clay mined from the Atlas Mountains that's often used in Moroccan treatments for the hair, skin and body. Ghassoul is effective for minimizing sebum secretions, tightening pores, softening the skin and removing dead skin cells. Add that into a clay mask and I think we've got a pretty good setup. Zakia also says the mask is designed to remove facial impurities such as blackheads.

How-to Use
This is the first mask I've ever used that came in powder form and that requires mixing. For that reason, I'd say this is good for those pamper nights unless you just have ample time and no life, like myself. The directions are to mix the powder with a bit of water until you get a smooth paste similar to thin cookie dough. I used one tablespoon of powder mixed with two tablespoons of water to make a decent amount for my face.

The After-Math
Although Zakia stated the mask could leave the skin reddish for 10-15mins from detoxifying, I didn't experience any redness. After using Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask, my skin felt the tightest it has ever felt. The mask left my skin glowing and it felt so much cleaner. I was having a few chin breakouts which cleared up much faster than they would have normally cleared up without the mask.

Zakia was just lovely to give me a discount code for my readers. Use code ZMBLOG-151 to receive 20% off all products during the next 30 days. On top of the discount, Zakia is offering a giveaway for 10 winners to win a $50 gift card each to their store. 

The giveaway is powered by brandbacker and winners will be notified by brandbacker.


Have you ever used any Moroccan products? If not, what facial masks have you used recently? 

5 Apps I Use Everyday

I do a lot on my phone each day. I use it as an alarm, all of my social media, email and editing photos--both selfies and blog photos. I love reading posts about new apps so here are my top 5 apps I use every single day on my iPhone 5. 

InstaSize: Free

Nowadays, not a single selfie goes onto Instagram without going through this app. I got annoyed having to crop out most of my photo to fit it into the square of Instagram so this app allows me to zoom my photo in and out to fit it into a square. Say hello to full body Instagram selfies!

Facetune: $3.99

Facetune is seriously my #1 selfie editor but I also use it with my blog photos. With this app I can use the patch tool to cover imperfections, color correct with the tones brush, add filters and naturally light any picture with a ton of more features.

HootSuite: Free

This app satisfies my tweet scheduling needs. Scheduling tweets around the different global time zones really helps out with advertising my blog. I can write out tweets then choose the date and time I need it to be posted.

Checklist+: free

I spent some time looking for a great, simple checklist and this is exactly that. I make multiples lists, swipe to delete and simply check off the items I need. This checklist was especially helpful when I had to pack enough items for my brother and I to travel to another state for a few weeks.

InstaQuote: Free- pay $2.99 to remove label

In the past, I only used InstaQuote for making text posts on Instagram. It's great for tasks like those as you can change the font size, line spacing, and emphasize certain words while designing your own color background or adding your own. Then it hit me: I can add my own background (blog photo), add some writing and change the writing's transparency hence..a watermark. I also have a watermark app that allows you to add your watermark with one button but I just prefer this one.

What are some Apps that you use everyday or just really love?

June 2015 Goals

I recently decided that I should start making a list of my short-term goals to keep myself focused. When I saw Ashley Olivia's post on her June goals, it sealed the deal for me. What better way to make a list, than to blog about it! You can view Ashley Olivia's post here

1. Blog atleast 3-4x or more each week: this used to be tricky for me before I started using my editorial calender. I believe in myself..I can do this!

2. Lose 3 inches off of my waistline: well well well..I'm honestly a very small person, I just have a bit more tummy than I'd like. With proper exercise and water, this should be obtainable..right? (bites nails)

3. Begin business school and complete all assignments with an A: I'm pretty competitive when it comes to academics. If all goes well, I'll be starting college again this month and I'll have ample time so I see no reason why I can't achieve an A.

4. Cut a few inches off of my hair: I'm a little scared to do this. Short hair is fine and long hair is fine. I think I'm just a little afraid to have medium hair.

5. Blog more makeup looks: this was honestly my original goal and somehow I faded  away. I love applying makeup,  I think my photo quality just ruins it for me.

6. Eat breakfast everyday, again: I'm never really hungry in the morning; but I need to get this metabolism going.

7. Organize my bedroom..completely: I'm forever halfway organizing my bedroom then it all turns to chaos. I plan on finding a place for everything in my room this month.

What are some of your goals for the month?

Do you have any tips for me on completing my goals during June?

REVIEW:14-Day Skinny Teatox

skinny teatox review photos taste

I recently had a chance to try something that I've had my eye on for months--detox tea! I received the 14-Day Teatox from Skinny Teatox for the purpose of reviewing. I was super excited to try it out and so far I'm not disappointed. Skinny Teatox isn't a miracle formula but it is designed to boost your metabolism, cleanse and detoxify, increase energy levels and suppress your appetite. I don't expect to lose pounds of weight, maybe a bit of water weight; but I'd just like for this tea to help me get on track with my appetite.

"All the ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Ingredients include: tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger, and more." -Skinny Teatox

skinny teatox detox tea review

skinny teatox detox tea review

The 14-Day program I was sent includes an info pamphlet, 14-day supply of the loose-leaf morning tea (pictured above), 7-day supply of night teabags which are to be drunk every other night, and a strawberry filter (which I love).

I'm currently on Day 7 of the Skinny Teatox program and I'll be posting my final results on my social accounts (links below). So far I do have more energy, less of an appetite and I feel less bloated than I did before starting the program which is exactly what I wanted from the program.

I won't say that the morning tea tastes delicious, but it doesn't taste awful. It definitely tastes better than the night tea, a mild laxative detox that has had no effect on me so far. The night tea contains no caffeine, so it won't interrupt your sleeping habits. 

I will be updating more about Skinny Teatox on my social accounts, so check those out if you're interested xx 

Have you tried any of the ever-growing list of detox teas?

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