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June 2015 Goals

I recently decided that I should start making a list of my short-term goals to keep myself focused. When I saw Ashley Olivia's post on her June goals, it sealed the deal for me. What better way to make a list, than to blog about it! You can view Ashley Olivia's post here

1. Blog atleast 3-4x or more each week: this used to be tricky for me before I started using my editorial calender. I believe in myself..I can do this!

2. Lose 3 inches off of my waistline: well well well..I'm honestly a very small person, I just have a bit more tummy than I'd like. With proper exercise and water, this should be obtainable..right? (bites nails)

3. Begin business school and complete all assignments with an A: I'm pretty competitive when it comes to academics. If all goes well, I'll be starting college again this month and I'll have ample time so I see no reason why I can't achieve an A.

4. Cut a few inches off of my hair: I'm a little scared to do this. Short hair is fine and long hair is fine. I think I'm just a little afraid to have medium hair.

5. Blog more makeup looks: this was honestly my original goal and somehow I faded  away. I love applying makeup,  I think my photo quality just ruins it for me.

6. Eat breakfast everyday, again: I'm never really hungry in the morning; but I need to get this metabolism going.

7. Organize my bedroom..completely: I'm forever halfway organizing my bedroom then it all turns to chaos. I plan on finding a place for everything in my room this month.

What are some of your goals for the month?

Do you have any tips for me on completing my goals during June?


  1. These are great goals and I would also like to accomplish 2 & 5 for myself as well! I would like to post a makeup look but taking the picture is the difficult part for me.

  2. I'm hoping to purchase a DLSR in a few months and I'm hoping that brings me plenty of motivation to blog more fashion and makeup looks.

  3. Good luck with your goals... I can never make goals for myself as i know i won't ever meet them!

  4. thanks so much xx


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