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3rd Blogiversary for HauteDare !!!

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I can't believe it..where has the time gone? Today marks my 3rd year as a blogger!!! It's been a rocky changes..torn between being a niche blogger..all the works, with a LOT of breaks! I started back blogging here in March, where I found my place as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and whatever-the-hell-else blogger.

After my last break, I started learning more about being a better blogger, interacting with more bloggers, photography tips..etc and all of it has helped me so much! My blog and I are both growing faster than ever. I love all of my blogger friends and basically anyone who reads! I've started working with more brands; creating much more interesting content and I hope you guys will stick around with HauteDare to celebrate more blogiversaries with me <3

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! In October it will be 3 years for me.


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