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Life Update September 2015

Hello my beautiful readers xx I'm going to be filling you guys in on my life and just generally what I've been up to since I've been on a few week hiatus. If you've followed my blog since 2012 then you know despite a few accomplishments, I haven't had it very easy. Most of my life updates consist of bad news, but not this time. I'm in a very good space right now and besides missing my blog, I couldn't be happier!

Firstly, I'm come halfway to completing my first degree in Business Administration! My courses go by so quickly but I'm maintaining a very nice 3.9GPA. Secondly, my brother is healing amazingly!! He'll be getting his prosthetic shortly and then began learning to walk again. Lastly...*drumroll* I started a YouTube channel! I've only posted planner related videos so far, but I'll be adding beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos.
I'm ashamed to say that you guys haven't seen any photos taken with my new DLSR camera. I can't wait to start taking photos of products with it! I've been so caught up with my classes and my channel that I haven't had the time to sit down and blog about all my new products. I think I just got so caught up in the new, that I forgot about my passion--my blog. With that being said I have a ton of reviews that need to get done.
If you're interested in my Youtube channel or enjoy watching planner (Erin Condren, ftw!) videos, here's my channel: Keshia Glam. See you guys next week!
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