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How to "plan" your first Planner Meetup!

If you've found your way to this post, there's a chance you're a planner HI! On to to plan a planner meetup. I know you have tons of questions and may be a little scared, because easy is it to find other planner girls in your area? If you're unable to find local planner girls in your area..well that's a whole other post (which I would totally write for you).

Long story short, I live in an extremely small town near a smallish city. Surrounding by and inside that city, are tons and I do mean tons of small towns that I've never heard of. Yet we all go to the same craft store which is about 20mins from all of us. Needless to say, each and every one of us thought we were the only planner girl in the area. So the time came for us to meetup. Since I started the facebook group and went on a manhunt searching for members in all those tiny towns in planner Facebook groups, I needed to plan a meetup. I had no idea where to start; but with the help of my new-found local planner bestie..we pulled it off. Now it wasn't a huge crowd of attendees but we had enough swag for 15 attendees, just incase some schedules changed! we're getting to business. Here are the questions you should ask yourself and the answers I'll be providing.

1. How many attendees? If you don't have a local planner facebook group yet, you should get one. If you have trouble actually getting someone to start the group with you, you should be searching your area in FB planner groups to find someone (leave me a comment if you need help). Make a post in your local planner group with a general time-frame and ask everyone when would be a good time to have the meetup aka not on a birthday or holiday.

We used bags from dollar tree, in the future we'll make canvas bags to put swag in.

2. Would they be willing to pitch in money or have a potluck since you guys have never met? The answer to this question is most likely no, they wouldn't. Chances are if you're here, you haven't had a meetup yet. Which means you all don't know each other too well. For that reason and based on the answer of #1, you shouldn't expect to host a full-on convention or potluck at a rented with 5 planner girls you've only known 2 months. In cases that the answer is no, consider having your meetup at a restaurant. My meetup was outdoors at El Chico. It has decent prices and a lot of appetizers..not to mention space for all of those planners! This way everyone can get to know each other before money or potluck is involved!

3. Will there be swag, how do you get it? WARNING: there will be those that will say you can't get "free" swag from shops because your meetup doesn't have a billion attendees. Granted a lot of attendees will get the attention of more(& bigger shops) but don't be discouraged. We advertised our meetup at 15 attendees and received several responses. We did not ask or approach any shops for swag. I will put the picture I posted on instagram (use popular tags such as #planner,#eclp,#plannermeetup,#stickers) below. I posted the picture on Instagram only a few times throughout 3 months (you can do more, but no spamming!). I'd recommend posting on insta instead of planner fb groups, unless you are well-known and aren't breaking their rules. It is VERY important that you encourage your attendees to show appreciation by purchasing from the sponsor shops and promoting their donation (big or small) every chance they get! If you don't get any donations, that's fine! Added swag could also simply be washi samples that you or someone else has offered. With some of our ideas below, everyone will leave with something regardless!

4. What in the world are we going to do at the meetup? We planned our meetup at a restaurant to help ease the expected awkwardness but it wasn't needed. There was no awkwardness. When we first arrived we introduced ourselves, which eventually led us to talking about our llama-ness(hey planners gone wild!) which eventually led us into our planners. 

The first activity we did was intended to be a washi "bar" (yes you heard it here first) but ended up being a washi "pass". Basically I put all(100 rolls maybe) of my washi in a box, added plastic bobbins (optional album rings), scissors and literally it went around the table. For a big attendance, have everyone bring any washi they'd like to share and set out bowls with the supplies on a table and create your own washi bar or buffet!

Another activity involved was a stash n grab! Basically everyone brings any planner-related items they don't want and puts them in a box for other attendees to go through and take what they desire. Some of the things I included were target dollar spot items, washi rolls, and sticker sheets. I also cut up sticker kits I wouldn't use (one of them had 20 checklists left..that's a $5 value haha!). 
What I left the meetup with:

Since our first meetup was small and there were other obligations, it lasted around 2 hours. With a bigger meetup (yes, I already have fun ideas), there would be more activities entailing it to last longer. If you're nervous about meeting new people, just remember that you all have something in common..your planners. One more thing, don't forget to take a #PlannerStack picture!

If you enjoyed this post, have any questions or would like more posts relating to planners and meetups just leave me a comment and I got youuu <3 I'd like to thank our sponsor Etsy shops one more time (pictured above). If you happen to stop by, tell them Keshia Glam sent you :)

Paid Guest Post: Dermaroller. Should you try it?

As you guys know, I'm an esthetician. Which basically means that I'm a licensed spa treatment-obsessive type of girl; so when the opportunity arose for a guest post relating to a new facial tool, I jumped on it. Move over, IPL here comes the Dermaroller. Grab your tea, kick off your shoes and let's learn a little bit about Dermaroller shall we? 

How Dermaroller and Laser Skin Procedures Match Up 
Are you wondering how Dermaroller and laser skin procedures match up against each other? Well, in order to understand that fully you need to first understand why either one is necessary. You also have to be aware of how both processes work to repair skin cells. 

What Happens to Your Skin Throughout Life 
Life itself is one of the big factors that can influence your skin health. Since your skin is on the outside of your body, it gets exposed to a lot every single day. Some of the things that can damage it include extreme cold or heat, too much sun exposure, too much wind exposure, and exposure to any sort of harsh chemicals, whether they are airborne or in products that you yourself apply to your skin. Eventually, all of those things start to add up.

On top of those problems, smoking, eating too many fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol, and even not sleeping well can cause your skin cells to break down. There are also completely normal drops in hormone levels that happen when you get older, causing your body to have a harder time keeping up with cellular repairs, including fixing damaged skin cells.

Using Lasers or Dermaroller Treatments to Fortify Your Body's Cells
The good news is that there are many cosmetic procedures that can help to make your skin cells healthier. Dermaroller and laser treatments are just two options. A Dermaroller is also called a micro-needling device. It basically punctures your skin with a bunch of tiny needles. That will cause your body to naturally respond to the attack, repairing old damage while also repairing the damage that was just caused. It's essentially a way to trick your body into making more of the natural substances it used to produce in large quantities, such as collagen.

Treatment with medical laser machines works in a similar way. The laser device makes the skin cells heat up, causing minor damage. The body's response is to try to repair that damage with elastin, collagen, and natural restorative substances.

Why Some Patients Choose Dermaroller Over Lasers 
Even though laser machines are very precise and good at what they do, they can also damage certain types of skin. One problem is that they all produce heat. That heat can cause burns when it comes in contact with skin that is overly oily. Another issue is that certain lasers can actually lighten patches of skin by a few shades in those with darker skin tones. For those and other reasons, you might decide to explore Dermaroller options instead of laser treatments.

Dermaroller is Not as Painful as You Think
Even though your skin will be poked by lots of needles if you have Dermaroller treatment, it's not actually that painful. The technician will carefully apply a numbing compound to the section of skin you are having treated before the procedure. You'll have to sit and wait for it to take effect before the Dermaroller device can be rolled over your skin. So, before you choose between micro-needling and laser treatments, you should definitely disregard the pain factor.

Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner: 6 months later!

When I first thought about buying a planner, an expensive one at that, I was seriously skeptical. Honestly I've always liked crafts so the colorful, stickery-possibilities are what caught my attention. Except I didn't know what I would write, if my life was busy enough or if I could afford to maintain it. Six month's later I'm glad I took the step in purchasing my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner (ECLP). Seriously there are so many things to keep track of and you'll be glad you did. **please note: Don't be afraid..I'm a heavy sticker user, you are welcome to use your planner however you like ;)

A quick list of items you can track:

Health: water intake, medicine, doctor appointments, steps, calories, meals, whether it's leg or arm day, seriously a ton of things here.

School: Class schedule, tests, events, studying hours, holidays.

Household: grocery lists, maybe you're trying to KonMari your home, cleaning schedule, laundry days, replace ac filters..literally any and everything.

Miscellaneous: Bill dues, date nights, game days, tv shows, social media posts, blog and youtube uploads, mileage.

...and Just plain on record keeping, add in stuff you've already done. Make note of that awesome vacation you took last week and what you did each day--whether it was planned or not. Write down your awesome memories, you'll be glad you did in the years to come.

I know you're thinking what I was thinking at first: "but I've gone my entire life without a planner and my life is okay." I thought that until I looked back at how I was keeping upload ideas in a random journal or in my phone, my appointments were spread out all over the world, I'd forget prescriptions. I'd have to call or login in somewhere to look at appointment times or bill amounts/ life was secretly all over the place.

Now there is a certain convenience in looking at my planner and knowing everything, all in one place. If you're unsure if planning is right for you or if the ECLP is right for you try downloading a similar printable page like this one from Townhouse Palette. You could also make a planner layout on notebook paper.

I plan to incorporate a lot more planner posts in my blog posts, simply because it is a huge part of my life. I also film weekly planner videos on my Youtube channel: If you guys have any questions or requests just let me know. You can ask about planning on a budget to tracking meals, anything..I can talk about planners alllll day :)

3 BAD Beauty Habits I'd love to break!

#1 Biting My Nails
UGH, don't they look awful? The ring and pinky finger are the ones that I've managed not to bite. I stopped biting my nails for about 7 months for the first time in my life and it was so wonderful. After the 7 months, I somehow picked the habit back up. It's soo bad because I love nail polish and I can't even really wear it because my nails are so short. I'm working on breaking this habit because I pretty much need nails to post NOTD's haha!

#2 Not Up-keeping My Hair
This is huge one for me! My hair is around 22 inches long and I hardly ever maintain it for more than a few days when it's as long as it is now. When it's short: I'll brush it out and I love it. When it's long: fail. Let's just say I love long hair..just not the work that comes with it!

#3 Skipping My Morning Beauty Routine
I usually perform a short beauty routine at night but I hardly ever use products in the morning. I know it's not absolutely necessary but I think it'll help my skin out so much. From cleansing the overnight oil off my t-zone to applying SPF Moisturizer, I think I'd benefit so much! Since skipping my beauty routine, I have breakouts, more pigmentation, noticeable texture and dry patches. Those things...have to end.

What are some of your bad beauty habits you'd like to break?

16 Goals for 2016

We're two months into 2016 and I'm finally sharing my goal list for 2016. Let me know what some of your goals are <3

1. Get another set of ear piercings (military is preventing this)

2. Complete a 5k

3. Read 6 books (easy, but I miss reading & never have time)

4. Reach 20k subbies on my YouTube channel

5. Lose 30 pounds

6. Attend 2 concerts

7. Visit 3 states

8. Move into my own apartment

9. Get atleast half of my debt paid off

10. Try vegan for 30 days

11. Get a professional facial exfoliation/peel

12. Help out at a homeless shelter

13. Dye my hair a cool color (military is currently preventing this)

14. Get my 2nd tattoo

15. 30 days of yoga

16. Go on a hike

Lifestyle // Diner Goals #WhatIAte

I want 2016 to be different, I want to do things I've always wanted to do this year. There's activities I want to be a part of and places I want to go. Eventually I'm going to compile a list of all of the local things I want to do this year. One of the many things on my bucket list is to eat at an old-fashioned diner. Not a new diner designed to look vintage but an actual old diner. Ya know, the one with the checkered floors, old ketchup bottles and bar stools. Guess what? I found one in a small town not too far from my country town. It was pretty much everything I'd hoped for. I wish I had taken more pictures but hey, I'm still a blogger in progress :) If you're ever in Springridge, Louisiana, United States near shreveport..stop by Sunset Diner and order a philly-cheese steak. I cut the mushrooms and bell peppers ;)

Yes, my fries are at the bottom of the picture. Supposedly, people who spread ketchup all over their fries are people you don't need in your life; but you need me in your life..keep me in your life..please. So, how do you eat your fries -or chips ;)- and ketchup?

REVIEW: Morphe Mini Brushes

When I first saw one of my favorite youtuber's using a Morphe mini brush, I couldn't believe it. That brush was like a dream come true for my small slightly-hooded eyes. I knew I had to try them because let's just say crease brushes are basically useless when they cover the crease plus the browbone and eyeline area of my small eyes. 

I ended up purchasing the M507-Pointed Mini Blender and the B16-Mini Smudger Brush. Both brushes turned out to be a dream come true for me. They are super soft and get the job done perfectly.

I use the M507 to blend out my crease and outer-V area. It also works great for applying highlighter to my cupid's bow. It's nice and pointy, not to mention mini so it gets into the right places so perfectly. Before using this brush, which I love even more than my Sigma E45- small tapered brush, blending eyeshadow into my crease meant adding it to my brow-bone because my other small blending brushes were still too big.

Simply put, the B16 basically made my under-eye eyeshadow goals come to life. Most of the brushes I've used for the job were either too big or had no blending qualities; but this little magical baby is just the right size for my lower lash line without smudging eyeshadow half way down to my nose, haha!

Have you tried any Morphe brushes? 
What are some of your favorite small brushes or which ones are you eyeing?

Review: #TheTargetTrap meets Derma e !

For the year of 2016, I've come up with a new phrase: #TheTargetTrap. If you live or have ever been to the states, you know all about #TheTargetTrap. Basically you go into Target for a can of peanuts and leave with craft goods, a basket filled with dollar spot or bullseye playground goodies, and a shelving unit for your sister's bestfriend's cousin's dog. Thus...#TheTargetTrap.

I recently went to Target to look for Valentine's goodies for my upcoming videos. They didn't have too many items out but I did get some pretty useful items. I'll be going back to get these really adorable sequined words that I saw as well as a lot of other goodies I've seen floating around my social media sites.

What in the world does Derma e have to do with Target you ask? Welllll, Derma e is now being sold at Target! I recently wrote about one of the Derma e moisturizers after a few weeks of using it and I'm still using it. Derma e also sent me a few samples of their other products and I really love them all but I've been obsessed with both their day and night moisturizers. I use the day moisturizer before I apply my makeup. However, this review isn't about the moisturizers, today we're going to talk about DMAE Firming Eye Lift Crème*.

"Derma e is a natural skincare that holds a lot more titles under its belt such as gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and recyclable. Derma e stands for healthy skin and healthy living, which you will often see me looks so much better on healthy skin. I truly believe makeup should be worn to enhance not mask." -Keshia Glam

The firming Eye Lift Creme comes in a small tube and only requires a little bit of product for each use. I just recently began using eye cremes/serums as I really didn't see the need for them. However, the DMAE creme is my go-to eye product before I apply my foundation and concealer. It firms my under-eyes while reducing some of the puffiness I have going on. It also adds a bit more moisture to my under-eyes which all-in-all helps my foundation and concealer apply and appear smoother. 

Learn more about Derma e here.
*Sent for the purpose of reviewing

What are some of your favorite eye products?

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