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Review: #TheTargetTrap meets Derma e !

For the year of 2016, I've come up with a new phrase: #TheTargetTrap. If you live or have ever been to the states, you know all about #TheTargetTrap. Basically you go into Target for a can of peanuts and leave with craft goods, a basket filled with dollar spot or bullseye playground goodies, and a shelving unit for your sister's bestfriend's cousin's dog. Thus...#TheTargetTrap.

I recently went to Target to look for Valentine's goodies for my upcoming videos. They didn't have too many items out but I did get some pretty useful items. I'll be going back to get these really adorable sequined words that I saw as well as a lot of other goodies I've seen floating around my social media sites.

What in the world does Derma e have to do with Target you ask? Welllll, Derma e is now being sold at Target! I recently wrote about one of the Derma e moisturizers after a few weeks of using it and I'm still using it. Derma e also sent me a few samples of their other products and I really love them all but I've been obsessed with both their day and night moisturizers. I use the day moisturizer before I apply my makeup. However, this review isn't about the moisturizers, today we're going to talk about DMAE Firming Eye Lift Crème*.

"Derma e is a natural skincare that holds a lot more titles under its belt such as gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and recyclable. Derma e stands for healthy skin and healthy living, which you will often see me looks so much better on healthy skin. I truly believe makeup should be worn to enhance not mask." -Keshia Glam

The firming Eye Lift Creme comes in a small tube and only requires a little bit of product for each use. I just recently began using eye cremes/serums as I really didn't see the need for them. However, the DMAE creme is my go-to eye product before I apply my foundation and concealer. It firms my under-eyes while reducing some of the puffiness I have going on. It also adds a bit more moisture to my under-eyes which all-in-all helps my foundation and concealer apply and appear smoother. 

Learn more about Derma e here.
*Sent for the purpose of reviewing

What are some of your favorite eye products?


  1. Haha, the Target trap - I think we have the Primark trap in the UK. We go in for a t-shirt and come out with a whole new wardrobe!

  2. I love it!!! I've been using Derma E ever since I got some in my ipsy subscription bag! I love to use the hydrating mist day and night for some reason it moisturizes sooo well compared to regular moisturizers and I have really dry skin! Can't believe its in Target now I'll definitely have to check some out!

    Jasmine :)


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