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3 BAD Beauty Habits I'd love to break!

#1 Biting My Nails
UGH, don't they look awful? The ring and pinky finger are the ones that I've managed not to bite. I stopped biting my nails for about 7 months for the first time in my life and it was so wonderful. After the 7 months, I somehow picked the habit back up. It's soo bad because I love nail polish and I can't even really wear it because my nails are so short. I'm working on breaking this habit because I pretty much need nails to post NOTD's haha!

#2 Not Up-keeping My Hair
This is huge one for me! My hair is around 22 inches long and I hardly ever maintain it for more than a few days when it's as long as it is now. When it's short: I'll brush it out and I love it. When it's long: fail. Let's just say I love long hair..just not the work that comes with it!

#3 Skipping My Morning Beauty Routine
I usually perform a short beauty routine at night but I hardly ever use products in the morning. I know it's not absolutely necessary but I think it'll help my skin out so much. From cleansing the overnight oil off my t-zone to applying SPF Moisturizer, I think I'd benefit so much! Since skipping my beauty routine, I have breakouts, more pigmentation, noticeable texture and dry patches. Those things...have to end.

What are some of your bad beauty habits you'd like to break?

16 Goals for 2016

We're two months into 2016 and I'm finally sharing my goal list for 2016. Let me know what some of your goals are <3

1. Get another set of ear piercings (military is preventing this)

2. Complete a 5k

3. Read 6 books (easy, but I miss reading & never have time)

4. Reach 20k subbies on my YouTube channel

5. Lose 30 pounds

6. Attend 2 concerts

7. Visit 3 states

8. Move into my own apartment

9. Get atleast half of my debt paid off

10. Try vegan for 30 days

11. Get a professional facial exfoliation/peel

12. Help out at a homeless shelter

13. Dye my hair a cool color (military is currently preventing this)

14. Get my 2nd tattoo

15. 30 days of yoga

16. Go on a hike

Lifestyle // Diner Goals #WhatIAte

I want 2016 to be different, I want to do things I've always wanted to do this year. There's activities I want to be a part of and places I want to go. Eventually I'm going to compile a list of all of the local things I want to do this year. One of the many things on my bucket list is to eat at an old-fashioned diner. Not a new diner designed to look vintage but an actual old diner. Ya know, the one with the checkered floors, old ketchup bottles and bar stools. Guess what? I found one in a small town not too far from my country town. It was pretty much everything I'd hoped for. I wish I had taken more pictures but hey, I'm still a blogger in progress :) If you're ever in Springridge, Louisiana, United States near shreveport..stop by Sunset Diner and order a philly-cheese steak. I cut the mushrooms and bell peppers ;)

Yes, my fries are at the bottom of the picture. Supposedly, people who spread ketchup all over their fries are people you don't need in your life; but you need me in your life..keep me in your life..please. So, how do you eat your fries -or chips ;)- and ketchup?

REVIEW: Morphe Mini Brushes

When I first saw one of my favorite youtuber's using a Morphe mini brush, I couldn't believe it. That brush was like a dream come true for my small slightly-hooded eyes. I knew I had to try them because let's just say crease brushes are basically useless when they cover the crease plus the browbone and eyeline area of my small eyes. 

I ended up purchasing the M507-Pointed Mini Blender and the B16-Mini Smudger Brush. Both brushes turned out to be a dream come true for me. They are super soft and get the job done perfectly.

I use the M507 to blend out my crease and outer-V area. It also works great for applying highlighter to my cupid's bow. It's nice and pointy, not to mention mini so it gets into the right places so perfectly. Before using this brush, which I love even more than my Sigma E45- small tapered brush, blending eyeshadow into my crease meant adding it to my brow-bone because my other small blending brushes were still too big.

Simply put, the B16 basically made my under-eye eyeshadow goals come to life. Most of the brushes I've used for the job were either too big or had no blending qualities; but this little magical baby is just the right size for my lower lash line without smudging eyeshadow half way down to my nose, haha!

Have you tried any Morphe brushes? 
What are some of your favorite small brushes or which ones are you eyeing?

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