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16 Goals for 2016

We're two months into 2016 and I'm finally sharing my goal list for 2016. Let me know what some of your goals are <3

1. Get another set of ear piercings (military is preventing this)

2. Complete a 5k

3. Read 6 books (easy, but I miss reading & never have time)

4. Reach 20k subbies on my YouTube channel

5. Lose 30 pounds

6. Attend 2 concerts

7. Visit 3 states

8. Move into my own apartment

9. Get atleast half of my debt paid off

10. Try vegan for 30 days

11. Get a professional facial exfoliation/peel

12. Help out at a homeless shelter

13. Dye my hair a cool color (military is currently preventing this)

14. Get my 2nd tattoo

15. 30 days of yoga

16. Go on a hike

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