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3 BAD Beauty Habits I'd love to break!

#1 Biting My Nails
UGH, don't they look awful? The ring and pinky finger are the ones that I've managed not to bite. I stopped biting my nails for about 7 months for the first time in my life and it was so wonderful. After the 7 months, I somehow picked the habit back up. It's soo bad because I love nail polish and I can't even really wear it because my nails are so short. I'm working on breaking this habit because I pretty much need nails to post NOTD's haha!

#2 Not Up-keeping My Hair
This is huge one for me! My hair is around 22 inches long and I hardly ever maintain it for more than a few days when it's as long as it is now. When it's short: I'll brush it out and I love it. When it's long: fail. Let's just say I love long hair..just not the work that comes with it!

#3 Skipping My Morning Beauty Routine
I usually perform a short beauty routine at night but I hardly ever use products in the morning. I know it's not absolutely necessary but I think it'll help my skin out so much. From cleansing the overnight oil off my t-zone to applying SPF Moisturizer, I think I'd benefit so much! Since skipping my beauty routine, I have breakouts, more pigmentation, noticeable texture and dry patches. Those things...have to end.

What are some of your bad beauty habits you'd like to break?

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