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Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner: 6 months later!

When I first thought about buying a planner, an expensive one at that, I was seriously skeptical. Honestly I've always liked crafts so the colorful, stickery-possibilities are what caught my attention. Except I didn't know what I would write, if my life was busy enough or if I could afford to maintain it. Six month's later I'm glad I took the step in purchasing my Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner (ECLP). Seriously there are so many things to keep track of and you'll be glad you did. **please note: Don't be afraid..I'm a heavy sticker user, you are welcome to use your planner however you like ;)

A quick list of items you can track:

Health: water intake, medicine, doctor appointments, steps, calories, meals, whether it's leg or arm day, seriously a ton of things here.

School: Class schedule, tests, events, studying hours, holidays.

Household: grocery lists, maybe you're trying to KonMari your home, cleaning schedule, laundry days, replace ac filters..literally any and everything.

Miscellaneous: Bill dues, date nights, game days, tv shows, social media posts, blog and youtube uploads, mileage.

...and Just plain on record keeping, add in stuff you've already done. Make note of that awesome vacation you took last week and what you did each day--whether it was planned or not. Write down your awesome memories, you'll be glad you did in the years to come.

I know you're thinking what I was thinking at first: "but I've gone my entire life without a planner and my life is okay." I thought that until I looked back at how I was keeping upload ideas in a random journal or in my phone, my appointments were spread out all over the world, I'd forget prescriptions. I'd have to call or login in somewhere to look at appointment times or bill amounts/ life was secretly all over the place.

Now there is a certain convenience in looking at my planner and knowing everything, all in one place. If you're unsure if planning is right for you or if the ECLP is right for you try downloading a similar printable page like this one from Townhouse Palette. You could also make a planner layout on notebook paper.

I plan to incorporate a lot more planner posts in my blog posts, simply because it is a huge part of my life. I also film weekly planner videos on my Youtube channel: If you guys have any questions or requests just let me know. You can ask about planning on a budget to tracking meals, anything..I can talk about planners alllll day :)

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